Law Firm Marketing ideas that can improve your Online presence fast

By admin / November 25, 2019

Law firms and lawyers readily conclude that their acumen and reputation alone is enough to keep a steady stream of clients coming across their doors. That does not do wonders in all occasions, the law firm’s presence and profit can be improved with a solid online presence. It can provide you with a boost in search engine ranking, allow your site to resonate with your target audience, and build affinity with clients quickly.

Invest in good SEO

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the practice of utilizing specific goal-oriented strategies to get your site ranking higher in search engine page results. If you don’t find time to learn the technical aspect of things, hire an SEO expert to give your site an overhaul. Try to get more backlinks organically by creating great content and placing CTAs for readers to share. Always carry out proper keyword research and place relevant keywords in your copy and alt-text tags in your images. The relevance of the keyword to the content should be considered of high prominence as otherwise, the keyword contains no value. An irrelevant insertion of the keyword ‘splay poker online ’, which is a casino-related term, in a content related to food will add no value to the content and hence also not contribute to the online presence. To evaluate your site’s current status in terms of SEO rankings, you can use a tool like SEMrush’s Audit.

Create specialized pages for each service

Many law firms have multiple specialities or offer different services. Those that specialize in family law, for instance, might offer divorce services, prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, estate planning or custody arrangements. These all fall under one category of family law but they are distinct specialities and people searching for those specific services want to be able to find them quickly. Optimize landing pages and sections on your site for each of your specialized services.

Provide valuable content

Creating valuable content can not only offer more information that your clients are desperately looking for but it can also give you more room to rank your keywords and draw in relevant traffic. A common valuable content would be an FAQ placed in a designated page on your site. This FAQ could contain questions and answers to the inquiries that you hear most often. Blogging gives you a way to create on-going content to stay relevant in search engines while generating new content for relevant keywords. Having a blog that fits in with your branding can also help you earn trust early on.

Include video to build trust

Video can really seal the deal and win over new potential clients. Video is naturally engaging and having it on both social media and your website can make it easier to build a fast rapport with potential clients. Videos are inherently more emotional and seeing someone talking about issues that are important to you can flesh them out and make them feel more real.

Invest in PPC advertising

Organic marketing and brand building is great but sometimes it is not enough to go skyrocketing to the top of the SERPs. Due to this, pay-per-click(PPC) advertising is one of the fastest law firm marketing ideas you can explore. Google Adwords, in particular, is an excellent platform for law firms. You can create ads that will be shown to users searching for specific queries, allowing you to appear at the top of search results when potential clients are actively looking for you.

A combination of strong branding, search engine optimization and trust-building content will help your law firm stand out from your competitors. Employ these marketing tips to not only get more traffic to your site but to be more persuasive once they actually get there.

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