Moving on a budget: How to make the impossible happen

By admin / November 26, 2019
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If some sources are to be believed, moving on a budget just isn’t possible in the modern-day world. It’s something that’s riddled with expenses, and this is ignoring that initial house price (which constantly seems to be increasing, we should add).

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While you can’t eradicate the costs of moving completely, there are some tips you can take to at least make the process a little easier on your pocket. This is going to be the theme of today’s article, as we take a look at some of the best steps to take if you are looking to cut your expenses when you move home.

Fail to plan…

It’s something of a cliché, but give us time. Put simply, those of you who are able to plan your move a long time in advance are more likely to reap the savings which can occur through moving home.

For the purposes of this first point we’re talking about decluttering. It’s a hot topic at the moment, and for very good reason. However, those of you who tap into this tip will save considerable sums on your moving fees, while those of you turning to a storage provider like Safestore may also reap the rewards.

It’s common logic, as well. Many of us collect clutter over the years, most of which we don’t need. Tackle this long before you move house and see your costs (and potentially stress levels) reduce.

Pick your moving day wisely

On the subject of physically moving your belongings, the day you move makes a difference in relation to your final costs. Unsurprisingly, Fridays are often a favorite here, for the simple reason that you can take a long weekend and complete the job in three days. Unfortunately, this means that Fridays also tend to be a really expensive option.

In other words, the midweek slots are the cheapest. It might not be ideal, but in the art of saving money this can be the best tip to help you along your way.

Make the most of your utilities

OK, this next tip isn’t necessarily saving you money – but it is boosting your financial coffers in a different way.

One of the most frustrating elements of moving home is the paperwork. In other words, changing energy supplier, or broadband, takes time and again adds to the feeling that you are constantly spending money.

This is where cashback websites enter the picture. By switching providers, you will be able to receive a cashback boost several months down the line, and this can make all the difference as you bid to claw back some of your expenses!

The cardboard box technique

Unfortunately, there’s nothing high-tech about this final point. While the DIY stores may try and sell you expensive boxes to move your belongings, this tends to be an unnecessary expense. Instead, head to the local supermarket, who will have a huge supply of cardboard boxes awaiting you. You’ll receive them free of charge and contrary to popular belief, they’ll be quite sturdy as well.

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