How to Profit of Solar Carport Installation

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Any business-savvy individual will understand that any form of investment is expected to bring back profitable returns. The profit can come in different forms especially when it comes to the installation of certain structures either at home or at work.

These days, solar carports are becoming popular both at home and at workplaces. Click this link to find out more about the market size, shares, industry analysis, and regional forecast from 2022 to 2029 for solar carports.

With this rising trend, it seems like everyone is getting on board. Yet, it is necessary that you understand the benefits and profits you stand to gain if you join the train. How do you profit from this installation?

This is the question we will answer in this article. Therefore, we advise that you read this article carefully until the end.

Why Solar Carports are Becoming Popular

Although many corporations and governments are benefitting from fossilized fuel, everyone agrees that this non-renewable source of energy is affecting the environment negatively. As a result of this, many folks are actively in support of renewable energy sources and the sun just happens to be the most abundant of the lot.

Solar energy has been existence even before humans came to exist; sadly, we are just learning to harness its energy. Thankfully, we are trying to make up for lost time with so many inventions popping up here and there to harness the sun’s energy and solar carport is one of these inventions.

Therefore, the fact that this structure produces renewable energy is one of the reasons it is gaining popularity.

Another reason is that it is easy to install compared to roof solar panel installation. These structures are more flexible which means they fit any kind of building.

How can you Profit from Solar Carport Installation at Home?

Here are the following things you stand to profit when you install a solar carport at home:

1. Protects your Vehicles

A traditional carport is designed to protect your vehicle from exposure to elements of weather. In the same manner, a solar carport does the same. It ensures that your vehicle doesn’t depreciate due to exposure to rain, snow, etc. Therefore, you get to cut down on the money you would have spent on repairs.

2. Increases the Value of your Property

There are certain structures or features that offer no value to a home even though they were expensive to install. For instance, a swimming pool will not add any value to your property no matter how much you paid to get it.

A solar carport, on the other hand, will increase the value of your property. Some folks argue that solar panels installation doesn’t increase property value and they are right. You might be thinking, “…you just said a solar carport increases property value”.

Allow us to explain…

Solar panels installed on the roof of your house won’t add value to your property because it is just another source of energy. This is just the same as the wiring and electrical fittings of a home that doesn’t increase property value.

However, solar carports are not just panels only; they serve the structural purpose of protecting your vehicle. Hence, in the same way adding a garage will increase the value of a property, so will installing a carport increase the value of the home.

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3. Energy Storage

Not only do you generate electricity, but you can also store electricity. The stored electricity is used to set up an EV charging station. Visit to learn how to set up an EV charging station in your solar carport.

Although the business of running an EV charging station isn’t so viable, you might choose to charge a small fee when your neighbors come to charge their electric vehicles.

How can you Profit from Solar Carport Installation at a Public Place?

Here are the following things you stand to profit when you install a carport at a public place such as a company, school, government office, etc.:

1. Provision of Shelter

As you should expect, carports in these places are way bigger than those you find at home. Hence, not only do these structures generate a higher amount of energy, they serve as shelter for both people and vehicles. When there is heavy rainfall, folks can easily find protection and shelter under the carports.

2. Sales of Advertising Spaces

If you install a carport, you can also take advantage of the platform and create an adverting space. When these spaces are bought, you generate revenue for your business.

3. Reduce the Maintenance Cost of your Parking Lot

An uncovered parking lot is more expensive to maintain. The lot has to be constantly cleaned to maintain its neat look. The maintenance cost increases during the winter months when snow covers the lot.

However, with a carport, the whole lot is covered. Hence, you don’t have to worry about snow covering the area. This, in turn, saves you some money that would have been spent on removing the snow.

Apart from the above, you can also profit financially from installing this structure either at home or in a commercial space. How you might ask?

Remember we said that you can store the energy you produce right? This excess energy that you can’t use can be fed back into the electric grid. When this happens, you are given a certificate that can be traded for cash on certain approved markets.


From all that we have discussed so far, it is clear that there are several ways you can profit off the installation of a solar carport either in your home or public space. Although the initial cost of the installation might be somewhat expensive, the returns you will gain are much higher. Besides, if you don’t have the funds to finance the project, you can leverage any of the various incentives that aid individuals and firms to switch to a renewable source of energy.


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