Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Pre-Employment Drug Testing

By admin / August 8, 2018

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Pre Employment Drug Testing

Are you getting ready for a job interview? If so, beware that potential employers might test you for drugs. These can include anything from opioids to weed. Here is everything you should know about pre employment drug testing and how to make it through!

The pre-employment drug test is a common staple of the job application cycle dating back many years. Today, over 70% of businesses employ drug tests before hiring new employees.

The U.S. Department of Labor states that employees that partake in drug use are more likely to use their benefits and submit claims for worker’s compensation. Drug abuse is also often associated with tardiness and poor performance in the workplace. Because of this, most Fortune 500 and large corporations require potential job candidates to partake in a drug screen before being offered employment.

If you’re getting prepared for a job interview, you need to be ready for the very likely administration of one of these tests. If you’ve taken any sort of drug, from weed to opioids, they will likely turn up in the results and ruin your chances of success.

Read on, and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about pre-employment drug testing.

Are Drug Tests Legal?

Drug testing in the United States has come under some controversy in recent years. But at the current moment, the practice is completely legal as long as it follows a number of requirements.

These requirements vary by state.

In most states, the employee must be notified ahead of time that a drug test will be part of the employee hiring process. For the drug test to occur, the applicant must have already been offered the job. All applicants for the position must be subject to the same drug testing procedures, removing any type of discrimination.

These conditions don’t exist in every state but do in many. If you can, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with the law in your own state.

What Do Drug Tests… Actually Test?

Pre-employment drug testing covers a large variety of drug types.

Typically, these tests can identify traces of marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and PCP. Many drug tests also look for signs of prescription drugs such as Valium or other sedatives, and even alcohol. For the latter and legal types of drug use, high concentration is used to identify overuse or abuse tendencies.

Most modern drug tests look for these substances via a urine test provided by the subject.

Some alternatives to urine testing include the testing of hair, saliva, and even blood.

Most of the time, samples are collected from job applicants at a separate location, usually a clinic or drug testing site. Little in the way of a heads up is given to applicants about the date and time of their drug test. This is done on purpose so that applicants don’t have time to prepare or flush their bodies before drug testing occurs.

Companies may also use drug testing cups instead of outsourcing to a lab. These are much more efficient and cost-effective. Those worried about upcoming drug tests may even want to purchase one and tests themselves prior to going in, though you should look into more info before purchasing.

Samples are analyzed in labs and the results are reviewed by a licensed physician who specializes in substance abuse. The results are then sent back to the hiring business for their evaluation.

Following The Test

Drug tests have fast turn around times. Employers are informed of a negative result within twenty-four hours. In the case of a positive result, employers are usually not told what type of drug was found in the system.

After the test results are delivered to the employer, the employee traditionally has the opportunity to explain the results to their interviewer. They can also request to take another test if they dispute the results. Further tests are usually at the expense of the applicant, not the business.

If the applicant decides to request another drug test, they’re likely looking at a cost between $50 and $100. The results of a second test will be held in comparison to the results of the first test, as opposed to being seen totally on their own merit.

Avoiding A Positive Drug Test Result

Attempts to tamper with or alter drug tests and their results date back as far as drug testing itself. There are many products online that are advertised as providing a full cleanse of the body in a limited amount of time.

Like similar hangover-killing products, the success of these products are not well-documented and vary from person to person. They should not be counted on as sure-fire or reliable ways to avoid a positive drug test result. The only way to absolutely ensure a negative drug test is to abstain from doing drugs.

Many individuals attempt to tamper with the test on the day of. Bringing in clean urine from another person is a frequently attempted method to avoid a positive drug test. To avoid tampering on the day of, many collectors at labs will remain present as a urine sample is taken.

Elaborate solutions to avoid detection including fake penises and elaborate tube systems are not commonplace but sometimes are attempted to be used in these situations.

Pat-downs and searches of applicants are commonplace. These searches are intended to prevent applicants from sneaking other urine or tampering devices into the test facility.

Most modern labs also have the ability to match a urine sample to a person using a number of tests. This means an attempt to use another person’s urine as a sample, even if one is able to successfully switch out, is highly risky.

Knowing The Facts About Pre Employment Drug Testing

Pre Employment drug testing is an incredibly prominent practice at a large majority of businesses around the United States. It’s important to understand how drug testing works, the reasons behind it, and what you can expect if you need to undergo one.

Drug testing is the last step before employment, so hopefully if you’re reading up on it it means a job prospect is in your future!

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