5 Key Responsibilities for Manufacturing Managers

By admin / January 26, 2021

There are many key responsibilities that a manufacturing manager has, and they must be aware of what these are so that they can excel in their role, take the business forward and support their team. Manufacturing is a complex process with many different areas that need attention, so for a manufacturing manager, it can often feel like spinning too many plates when you have to give so many areas attention. Therefore, it helps break down a few of the main responsibilities and determine how you can keep on top of these for business success. Here are the key responsibilities.

1. Eliminating Bottlenecks & Streamlining

One of the most important responsibilities will be identifying bottlenecks in the operation, eliminating them, and finding the best ways to streamline the operation. Sometimes, it will be obvious how you can achieve this, but sometimes it will require communicating with staff that might have a better idea of what issues are arising and the best solutions.

2. Motivating Staff

It is also your responsibility to keep staff motivated, which is a huge and ongoing process. A manufacturing manager will be able to determine when motivation levels are low amongst individual team members and the team as a whole and know the best ways to remedy the situation, whether this is with positive feedback, setting new targets, role variation, training, or team-building events to name a few ideas which can help with motivation.

3. Upgrading Materials & Equipment

A manufacturing manager also needs to be on the ball and know when to upgrade any materials or equipment used. A new baling wire could be one area worth attention, as when you have the best baling wire it will give your team confidence in creating strong, easy-to-manage bales that can make handling these much easier and streamline the operation. Small upgrades like this can make a big difference and make work much easier for your team.

4. Safety & Security

Safety and security are also important areas, especially in manufacturing when the work can be dangerous. It is your responsibility to create a safe working environment for your team and abide by health and safety regulations; plus, you should also think about security as criminals often target these types of business (this also includes cybersecurity).

5. Budget Management

Of course, another hugely important area that needs to be managed is the budget. It can be easy to overspend when there are so many areas that need attention and expensive tech and equipment, so finding ways to balance the budget and keep the operation running smoothly without spending too much will be key for finding success in your role and helping the business.

These are a few of the main responsibilities for a manufacturing manager and all areas that need a lot of attention. When a manager can keep on top of these areas, they will excel in their role and run an efficient operation while keeping staff members happy, motivated, and safe.


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