5 Business Franchise Opportunities to Consider in 2022

By admin / January 14, 2022

If you are thinking about setting up your own business and have decided that franchising is the best way to go, you are to be congratulated! Why spend the time and money to build a name when you can take advantage of an already successful brand? The franchisor and franchisee both have the same goal, to make the new business as successful as the other branches and with 24/7 support, you can’t really go wrong!

Here are just a few sectors where you could carve out a market with franchising.

  1. Swimming & fitness – Why not look for a kids franchise business, such as a swimming program or a well-known MMA gym? Australians have long been an active population and with a tried and tested system, you can incorporate your love of physical activity with your business. We all need to learn how to swim and competitive swimming is on the rise; local communities need a swimming and exercise venue and a Google search will help you find franchise opportunities.
  2. Drain cleaning – This is one domestic service that homeowners won’t attempt to fix and if you are good with your hands, or even have some plumbing experience, why not take on a drain unblocking franchise? The franchisor provides all the equipment, teaching you everything you need to know, plus you already have a great name in the business.
  3. Car detailing – People like to take good care of their cars and regardless of where you live in Australia, there will be a demand for car detailing. Chances are there is a successful company that is now looking for franchisees who can carve out a share of the growing market and Google can help you find such a company. If you know about cars, you could offer premium wraps and special body protection for hi-end models, which the franchiser would likely offer.
  4. IT repair – There are a lot of computer repair shops and when you consider the huge number of digital devices we have in Australia, this is a business that will always be in great demand. If you are IT competent and would like to franchise with a successful brand, see what is available and if you are prepared to relocate, more opportunities await. When you take up a franchise, your parent company helps with every aspect and they have a degree of control over products and processes. You can hire technicians as the business expands and keeping your finger on the pulse regarding IT development is essential. Here are some technologies that can help your business.
  5. Landscape gardening – If you are a lover of gardening but don’t fancy setting up on your own, search for an already successful landscape contractor who is looking to expand. Services would include building patios, laying turf, garden design and maintenance, plus tree care would also come under this domain. There are many professional couples who simply don’t have the time to keep their garden in shape and for a few dollars a month, you can maintain their outdoor living space.

Do check with the Australian government about setting up a new business and hopefully, you can find the right sector for you and your business will provide you with long-term success.


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