Is Your Old Truck Worth Restoring?

By admin / January 12, 2022

Restoring a truck isn’t cheap. The plus side of restoring a truck instead of a car is that it’s less expensive. The parts don’t cost as much, have as much chrome or complicated trim, and have fewer moving parts. Manufacturers also don’t change the design of trucks as frequently, so parts are easier to locate. However, it’s still a costly investment.

Truck restoration requires the expertise of specialists who are familiar with the unique mechanical requirements of the vehicle as well as understanding bodywork, upholstery, and a host of other techniques. If you’re restoring a truck because of its sentimental value or because you love the look of a specific make and model, the cost may be worth it. If the resale value of your truck restoration is a consideration, there are several issues to consider.

4WD or 2WD?

Four-wheel drive vehicles are great in bad weather. Still, it’s rarely necessary for most people unless they are off-roading regularly or driving in horrible conditions. A two-wheel drive has fewer moving parts and is easier to restore. It will also have a softer ride and better gas mileage. If you’d love to restore a truck and use it regularly, a 2WD model will be less expensive.

Is It Popular with Nostalgia Buffs?

There are specific truck restoration projects that will definitely draw the attention of classic vehicle enthusiasts. Consider how many people are looking for the same kind of vehicle you want to restore. Much like 1960s Mustangs have sustained their popularity for decades, there are a few classic trucks that will maintain their value for years to come.

Fords and Chevrolets from the 1950s are extremely popular. The Chevrolet Cameo Carrier (1955-58) was a revolutionary truck that blended style with major work capabilities. It was the first fleetside bed vehicle on the market and features not commonly found on trucks at the time, including radio, power steering, and a V8 engine. Also popular is the Ford F-Series (1953-1956). It is classic, easy to drive, dependable, and still on the road in original iterations. There are millions of fans of the rounded, oversized wheel wells and comfortable interiors.

What are Your Expectations?

Will you be driving your restored truck around town to pick up supplies and go to work, or will you be keeping it protected and stored except when you attend classic car and truck shows? Knowing when you’ll be driving your truck, including when and under what conditions, can help you decide whether a classic truck restoration is your best option. For some, it’s all about the style, and a restoration/modification may be the best option. This reduces the overall cost, as improvements such as newer replacement parts are less expensive.

In the end, deciding whether to restore your truck is a personal decision. To help you make the right decision, get estimates from restoration specialists and go from there. Happy Driving!


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