4 Tips for Integrating New Staff Members

By admin / October 28, 2020

Recruiting and hiring a new employee can be a time-consuming and expensive ordeal. Indeed, depending on the role in question and nature of the industry, business leaders may have to spend months and thousands of dollars searching for their ideal candidate. Yet, while many professionals focus on making a good hire, too many overlook the onboarding process that follows. The bad news is that even talented employees may struggle to hit the ground running if they’re not properly prepared to take on their new responsibilities. As such, it’s crucial for managers to focus on integrating and training new staff members thoroughly and correctly. Thankfully, these four tips will help you achieve just that. Check them out here:

Onboard Together

Some companies welcome new employees by designating one or two people to show them the ropes. While this isn’t inherently a bad idea, it can limit the effectiveness of the onboarding process. That’s why it’s typically a better play for managers to encourage their entire team to share integration duties. Let your new employee meet everyone in the office so that they can better understand how they fit into the larger operation.

Teach in Pieces

Introducing an entirely new concept or issue to an employee early on in their integration may confuse or even overwhelm them. Rather than sitting an employee in front of a computer and expecting them to immediately grasp a program they’ve never used before, teach them technical aspects of the job in pieces. Complicated applications like pharmacy POS software, for instance, can take a lot of time to understand fully. So give your new team members a chance to master one problem at a time.

Celebrate Victories

Starting a new job can be a nerve-wracking experience. Some professionals may not feel truly comfortable in a new work environment for months. This, obviously, is far from ideal. In order to ensure your new hire gets off to a great start, make it a point to praise them for their meaningful progress and contributions. A small word of encouragement can go a long way toward helping a new employee find their feet and increase overall productivity.

Keep Your Door Open

Of course, managing a team under any circumstances can prove quite difficult. Managing new employees can be particularly tough, though. Given that fact, it’s crucial for business leaders to listen carefully to concerns new –– and old –– employees bring up during the onboarding process. Your team members can give you vital information that should inform the decisions you make moving forward. So always keep your door –– and your ears –– wide open. It’s the only way you’ll improve the way your company functions!


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