3 Investment Opportunities to Consider That Are Better Than a Savings Account

By admin / April 16, 2021

When it comes to growing your wealth, it can sometimes feel as though you don’t know which way to turn. While placing your money in a savings account might seem like the obvious answer, interest rates are undesirably low, and you won’t be likely to see a decent return on your savings even after an extended period of time.

The key is to find investment opportunities that work for you. Choosing low-risk investments is worth considering, and even in a low-risk scenario, you could stand to gain a much higher return than you would if you were to place all your funds in a savings account.

With that in mind, here are four investment opportunities that are worth considering that will offer a better return than a savings account.

1. Real Estate

Many people choose to invest in real estate for a variety of reasons. Under the right circumstances, such an investment can provide you with a great opportunity for growth with very little risk. In fact, real estate is such a tempting investment opportunity that some investors opt to take out realestate loans in order to invest in properties that they know will garnish a high return.

It is always best to get the advice of a real estate investment expert so that you can find the investment that is right for you, but given the right scenario, you can find yourself enjoying a high return when all is said and done.

2. The Stock Market

Investing in stocks has long since been the preferred option for many people who are looking to grow their wealth. This is because there are opportunities of all types that range from low to high risk. Furthermore, you don’t have to be an expert yourself in order to understand the basic premise of investing in stocks.

Essentially, when you are looking to invest in stocks, you can either use a program or a broker. Stockbrokers tend to work with those who have a great deal of capital to work with. However, investment programs and apps use an algorithm that can direct you towards low-risk investments and can fairly accurately indicate what sort of return you can expect.

It is important to bear in mind the fact that, like with all investments, stocks come with their fair share of risk. However, when you take the time to do your research, you can play things right and end up with a better return than any savings account would offer.

3. Treasury Securities

If you are looking for more of a short-term investment opportunity with a better interest rate than the bank, U.S. Treasury Securities would be worth considering. By investing in securities, you can benefit from a yield as high at 2.7% after only one year. There are also shorter-term options that grant a high yield after just one month. Furthermore, you don’t have to pay state income tax on the interest paid from your investment.


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