Are Losing Streaks normal with the Slots RNG?

By admin / April 15, 2021

There are so many reasons why the slot gambling world has become the stand-out casino gambling sector since its arrival at the end of the 19th century, however probably the most prominent is the simple fact that free slot spins have not stopped evolving. If you compare this to other casino games like blackjack or poker you can really see what we mean, as these traditional table games haven’t changed much for several hundred years.

The constantly evolving nature of the slots world is undeniably the main reason for its success, and a great example of this in real-life terms is the invention of the slots RNG, something that stands for Random Number Generator. Without this piece of technology slots simply wouldn’t be able to work, and it has revolutionised the industry. But are losing streaks normal with the slots RNG? Keep reading to find out.

Slots RNG: The basics

Although the slots RNG (or Random Number Generator) is probably the most integral part of all modern slots, not many slot gamblers will actually know about what it is. In essence, however, understanding the RNG is really quite simple, because it is literally what it says on the tin – a random number generator. Now, you are probably wondering why it is so special, isn’t all it does just make a sequence of random numbers?

Yes, that’s exactly what it does! However this is actually a lot harder to programme than it sounds. Slot developers use this random sequence of numbers to make sure that the reels on their games are always spinning fairly, hence the extreme importance of slot RNGs.

Are losing streaks normal with the slots RNG?

Right then, onto the golden question – are losing streaks normal with the slots RNG? Well, the main takeaway here is that due to the fact that the RNG is at its very core random, everything it results in is down to probability. This isn’t much different from any other gambling game either, as anything from blackjack to roulette is at root random, and informed by probability.

Unfortunately, the probability is that at some point most people are going to have to experience a losing streak on slots, and it isn’t as if it is rare for this to happen. With that being said however, it isn’t normal to consistently have losing streaks.

Ways to keep the affects of a losing streak to a minimum

We’re all going to experience a losing streak from time to time; there is no getting away from that at all. There are ways to keep the affects of a losing streak to a minimum though, here are a few:

· Avoid the Martingale bet system: This one is very important: avoid the Martingale system at all costs, especially if you are on a losing streak! This betting system works by doubling your bet after each loss, with the view of eventually recouping everything with your next win. Sounds good, but in practise it never works, and will only leave you deep in the red.

· Change slot game: Although a losing streak is never going to be purely down to the slot you are playing, changing game from time to time can definitely help.


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