Where to go on a Food tour in Las Vegas?

By admin / June 24, 2021

Las Vegas is known for its glamorous casinos, scintillating nightlife and extravagant lifestyle. Every year, people flock to Las Vegas with the hope of experiencing the casino life once-in-their-lifetime. Though today people can experience Las Vegas right at their homes due to the proliferation of online casinos. The casinos host a high collection of various kinds of table, cards and slot games. People can play such games on their smartphones too at the Mobile Casino – Onlinecasinolondon. But apart from the glitz and glam of Las Vegas, the place has a rich culinary history as every street and corner are filled with eateries, restaurants and bars serving sumptuous and delicious dishes. Hopping on to gastronomical joyride can be one of the best ways to explore Las Vegas.

Joining a walking food tour in Las Vegas

The tourists can participate in a guided food tour to gain an insightful experience about different food habits and cuisines of Las Vegas. The beautiful part of food tours is that the travellers are taken to the famous, expensive and highly-rated food spots to taste and sample signatures dishes and drinks. The concept of food tours is changing over the last few years. Now there are food tours which are not led by a tourist guide and the travellers alone hunt down the best places to satiate their tongue. Few of the food tours are all about hitting the casual, generic spots like LINQ promenade, Fremont, Arts District and Chinatown. Earning a dining spot at EDO, Sparrow + Wolf is a dream come true for many food lovers.

Visit the Dirt Dog for Dirty Dog & Fried Oreo

There is a famous watery that goes by the name Dirty Dog. Travellers don’t have to worry about the food being dirty! The place is something every food enthusiast looks forward to visiting. Just like the name, the food served here has a unique flavour to it. It is situated at the Grand Bazaar near the entrance of Belly’s casinos. Dirty Dog is really famous for its wide variety of hotdogs. The signature dish is the lip-smacking bacon-wrapped hotdog. The name Dirt Dog has been given by the owner’s mother. When he was a child, he enjoyed having a pair of bacon-wrapped hotdogs during a game or concert in Los Angeles late at night. His mother refers to hotdogs as dirt dogs. Every food served here has a tinge of spice to it and is garnished with uniquely-flavoured toppings. The hotdogs come in different varieties. To top it all, their signature dessert Deep Fried Oreos, also known as a dirty dessert, comes up with rich textures and flavours. It has been rated as one of the top food joints in the entirety of Las Vegas.

Pub hopping at local bars

Travellers can go out on a drinking spree at some of the cocktail bars in Las Vegas. The Downtown Cocktail Room has started serving nuts, pretzels etc. along with their signature cocktail dishes. The refreshments will be placed at the table already. The Sand Dollar has temporarily revamped itself into Revelre at Sand Dollar and continues to serve as a small and thriving pizza joint. Along the Strip, the famous Chandelier welcomes people at any point in time and spoils them with their exquisite varieties of food and drinks served directly by the servers. The top two levels conduct open evenings during Thursdays and Saturdays.

The Strip

No one finishes their Las Vegas tour without visiting the Strip. Hit straight to Wicked Spoons where food is curated and served by employees. Their signature dishes include the spicy meat carvings, a delicious trofie pasta and housemade “Wicked Cereal” garnished with a meringue topping that is cut to marshmallow-like pieces. The Buffet at Wynn is another affordable tapas restaurant where food is directly brought to you by the servers.

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