What Are Some Fun and Memorable Things to Do in Marco Island?

By admin / February 1, 2021

Did you know that the state of Florida had almost 130 million tourists in 2018? It is one of the most popular places in the world for family vacations, boasting all kinds of features.

One of the most fun attractions in Florida is Marco Island, which is a landmass off the coast of southern Florida. There are many things to do in Marco Island, and here are just a few to start your vacation off on the right foot.

Visit the Beautiful Beaches

Marco Island boasts stunning beaches that also have warm water due to the higher temperatures on the island throughout the year. You can bring a swimsuit to venture out into the waves, or a good book to relax on the shore for the day while enjoying the sun and sand.

If you love the beach, then you should consider finding a hotel or resort that offers easy access to the beach or views of the ocean. Here, you can book the perfect vacation rental in a location that will give you the best beach spots.

Indulge in Some Retail Therapy

If you want some quality indoor time, try to visit the mall on Marco Island for a great shopping experience. You can shop to your heart’s content and even indulge in some fine dining when you want to take a break.

Many of the shopping centers on the island are open-air, so you can get the fresh sea breeze while you browse. Marco Island features a combination of chain retailers and small businesses that are local to the island, so you can buy unique souvenirs.

Check Out Local Wildlife

Even though there are many fun resorts and activities, you can also find native wildlife on Marco Island. If you want to spot some manatees or dolphins, try visiting the Isles of Capri Paddle Craft Park, which has many fun activities for the family.

A popular spot for river otters is Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve. The reserve has many trails and even kayak tours. For those who like to birdwatch, this part of the island features many species of avian wildlife native to the area.

Try Water Sports

A vacation isn’t complete without some fun outdoor activities, and water sports area great way to cool down while having a blast. If you want to explore the island, try kayaking or paddleboarding at a leisurely pace.

For a more intense experience, many places offer rentals for waterboarding and waterskiing. You can rent a boat for a day and take the family out to shred the waves and have quality time together.

So Many Things to Do in Marco Island

With the number of things to do in Marco Island, you and your family are sure to have a fun-filled and relaxing vacation. You will want to visit again in no time.

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