The Absolute Best Reasons to Visit Odessa, Florida

By admin / February 1, 2021

Did you know that Florida attracts over 126 million tourists each year?

While most visitors flock to big cities like Orlando and Tampa, there are plenty of hidden gems in the Sunshine State. If you’re planning a trip to Florida soon, Odessa should be on your itinerary.

Are you wondering what you should do when you visit Odessa, Florida? Keep reading to learn about 5 must-see attractions.

1. Old McMickys Farm

Out of all of the things to do in Odessa, Florida, you can never go wrong with paying a visit to Old McMickys Farm. People of all ages will have a blast getting to know the adorable animals who live there.

Kids have the opportunity to ride a pony, milk a cow, catch a chicken, and so much more. Adults can also admire the beautiful lake scenery by packing a picnic, taking a hayride, and posing for pictures with a wide range of farm animals. With so many unique experiences here, Old McMickys Farm should be at the top of everyone’s list when they ask themselves, “What should I see in Odessa?”

2. Big Storm Brewery

If you’re someone who’s been to other breweries in the past, you might be wondering why Big Storm Brewery is included in the top sites to see in Odessa. Big Storm Brewery is a hotspot for locals and travelers alike because of its wide selection of local beers, their incredible staff, and the fun environment. This brewery is located in a more secluded part of town, but the journey there is always worth it.

3. Suncoast Trail

Outdoorsy people who want to know where to visit in Odessa shouldn’t overlook the Suncoast Trail. This bike trail runs next to the Suncoast Parkway highway, which means it’s easy to access. The trail is paved, so bikers with any skill level can enjoy a smooth, scenic ride.

Make sure you pack a lunch so you can stop at one of the rest areas with picnic tables where you can refuel while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

4. The Suncoast Center for Fine Scale Modeling

The Suncoast Center for Fine Scale Modelling is another one of the best Odessa attractions. This museum is home to a bunch of stunning displays that include dollhouses, military stations, trainsets, and so much more. Each guest is always blown away by the high level of craftsmanship it took to create each piece.

5. Odessa Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary

If you didn’t get your fill of animal cuteness at Old McMickys Farm, you can head over to Odessa Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary to meet more exotic animals like peacocks, zebras, and more. Here you’ll also have the opportunity to tour the grounds and pet the beautiful residents.

You Can Have a Dream Vacation When You Visit Odessa, Florida

If you add these attractions to your itinerary when you visit Odessa, Florida, you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable trip.

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