Marbella’s Golden Mile

By admin / August 1, 2019

Marbella is an area of Spain that has gathered a following of a certain type of visitor. The rich, and those who enjoy a taste of that lifestyle flock to Marbella. There is a reason that it also goes by the Costa del Sol’s bastion of bling.

The town is home to royalty and its harbour is typically filled with luxury yachts. However, you’ll also find the golden beaches and beautiful waters that you would in any other resort town. While Marbella might tempt some in with the Golden Mile and its luxury lifestyle, there is something for everyone.

The Golden Mile is one of the major attractions in Marbella, but seeing everything it has to offer is going to be expensive.

The Golden Mile

This area is a stretch of Spanish property, shops, restaurants, gardens, and clubs. It is home to some of the most luxury orientated hotels in the Costa del Sol. This strip really got its start in 1954, when Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe opened the famous Marbella Club Hotel. This property attracted celebrities and even royalty to the area. As they visited and enjoyed the lifestyle, they began to buy property here themselves. Keeping it as private residences and opening up more luxury hotels.

This strip of property became known as the Golden Mile because of the affluence of its buildings. In more recent years, this area has also become home to exclusive restaurants serving the best in high-end food, craft shops selling artisanal products, and even garden clubs.

The Beaches

Marbella might be home to a stretch of luxury, but it is the beaches of the area that first drew those visitors in. Marbella has a number of beach clubs with well preserved private beaches. These have clean soft sand and beautiful blue oceans. Even if you don’t quite fancy getting a membership, there are several open beaches also available in Marbella.

Six beaches in Marbella carry the Blue Flag award, so you can be confident that you’re going to the cleanest beaches possible. The Playa de Alicante is one of the most popular areas to soak up the sun. It has a lot of sea-front life, with restaurants and bars catering to visitors.

The Nikki Beach is well known for its champagne bars and high-class clientele. If you feel like rubbing elbows with the descents of those royal owners of the Golden Mile, this is the beach to visit.

Food in Marbella

The restaurants in Marbella vary widely and include any thinkable type of cuisine. The historic centre of town is home to some really authentic tapas bars and Spanish restaurants. The particular favourite spot for locals is the Calle San Lazaro. A street near the Plaza de Los Naranjos containing some of the best, and most affordable, food in Marbella.

The wonderful properties for sale in Marbella doesn’t have to come at the cost of a luxury Yacht. While the town gets plenty of visitors like this, property for sale in Marbella is perfectly attainable for normal people too. If you find yourself seduced by the golden mile, you might consider finding some property for sale in Marbella. It is easy enough to live like a local and ignore the rich holidaymakers! Those who find property for sale in Marbella will enjoy all that this town has to offer year-round.

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