Why You Should Start Considering Sustainable: Custom Made Suits and Shirts

By admin / August 2, 2019

Fashion has evolved with time and as a consumer, it is important to improve our understanding of emerging concepts in fashion. The same way we keep updating our wardrobe with the latest trends in the market we need to keep an eye on what those trends are causing to our surroundings. Nowadays one important fashion concept has emerged which is crucial for us to understand. This emerging concept is ‘Sustainability” in terms of fashion. A lot of brands has started their label with the philosophy of sustainability and environment-friendly. Custom made suits and shirts is one such great example when it comes to the concept, philosophy, and as a production method of sustainable fashion.

With so many fast fashion brands in the market, it has now become important to save the future of fashion and global welfare. The only way to do it by considering sustainble methods of fashion like custom made suit and shirts.

Let stake about how to embrace this concept and its factors that needs our attention.
It starts three important points when it comes to sustainable fashion. Environmental, social and economic, each of them are important factors and somewhere dependent on each other for the correct implementation.

To keep all the factors balanced, as a consumer we need to stop the exploitation of resources so that they remain available for renewal.

Sustainability to fashion requires changes from the roots, for instance, it starts from supply, production, and consumption of fashion products in such a way that ensures sustainability. Custom made clothes like suits and shirts is one good way to achieve it. For instance brands like sumissura has come up with sumissura suits and sumissura shirts that are based on custom made concept to avoid over exploitation of resources and stocking of products. It also ensures that the customer will end up getting products that will fit them perfectly with a longer self-life.

You must have been having so many t-shirts at one time thinking it is on sale but the number of toxic wastes and harmful effects it must have cause to the environment can’t get decreased. Custom made clothes works on the idea of reducing this culture of over consumptions because it is a necessity. The excessive production and consumption of fashion products is a quick profitable business for the brands and the innovative technology helps to maximize the production and supply chain. But the impact of this short term profit over time has given way to impulsive fashion buying and shortened the life cycle of fashion products. As a consumer, we should look for trends and brands that fulfill our necessities and causing the minimum damage to the planet. When you purchase a custom made attire it will stay in your wardrobe for long and won’t get discarded only after being worn just a handful of times.

what you purchase matters a lot because artificial fabric made using non-renewable resources will harm your health and the environment simultaneously. Instead why not go for Clothing which is made from eco-friendly materials, such as organic, pesticide-free materials. Custom made clothes gives you a large number of fabric options to choose from. These fabrics are mostly safe for people and the environment, as they don’t contain chemicals like carcinogens, toxins, etc. One of the major benefits of custom made clothing it that it gives you full information about the fabric and it is you who has you decide what you want to wear. Topics like harmful chemical release and pollution are now turning into major concern because the apparel industry is still the second-largest pollution creating an industry in the world. It extensity used unsafe chemicals and uses a lot of water for the manufacturing process leading to water shortage and renewable energy shortage.

When you start considering sustainable clothing like custom made clothes then it contributes to the benefit of the planet and your wardrobe.

1. Custom made suit’s or any other attire is going to be a unique piece as it has been designed exclusively for you and not in bulk so it holds greater value for money and style. Also, since each piece is handcrafted after proper measurement so it will stay longer than any fast fashion attire.

2. A lot of OD incidents has been reported where workers are being exploited in the fashion industry. As a consumer, it is important to understand who made your clothes and in what condition it has been manufactured.

3. The proud feeling you get when you wear clothes for a cause. Spreading positivity by following sustainable practice makes you feel empowered from within. It also encourages people around you to start shopping from ethical and sustainable brands. A lot of brands has come up with practices that follow all the rules to help the environment and brands like sumisurra has extended it to their work wear as well.

4. Slow fashion is now a trend. Instead of buying in bulk why not show your creative side and mix-match all your attires. For instance, one sustainable good quality work shirt can be adapted to wear with multiple outfits throughout the week. It will last you through trends and future trends and help you attend different occasions or event in the same attire.

Custom made clothing helps to deal with a big problem that has arisen because of excessive consumption. The process of custom made clothing lies in the path of sustainability as it minimizes the consumption to the level of necessity. It’s time to become a contributor to sustainability by contributing to what we can do as a consumer. It’s time to become more conscious towards the health and well-being of our planet. Our actions can give a better environment to the next generation and the coming generations.

As consumers, it is time to start thinking about all the above points mentioned. Start caring about our clothes. Start caring about quality. Purchase products that will last longer.

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