Luxury Travel vs Backpacking – 5 Notable Differences

By admin / November 15, 2017

So, you have the money to take a break and go on a great vacation, but can’t decide whether to do casual and go backpacking, or wallow in luxury at a 5-star hotel? In this article, you’re going to read about five differences of luxury travel vs backpacking, which will help you a lot to decide where you should stay to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

1. Do you want privacy or do you like mingling with other people?

Unless a friend or partner is joining you on vacation, staying at luxury hotels can be lonely. Yes, you will have the privacy you enjoy, but the only interaction you’ll have with other people, is when you order room service, or book a massage and pedicure at the hotel’s spa. On the plus side though, after a day of sight-seeing, you will have your room to yourself and all the peace and quiet you deserve, rather than have to listen to the ramblings of the drunk who’s staying in the same dormitory as you.

2. Cost vs experiences

Costs for luxury hotel stays usually include amazing food, full use of the hotel’s health and spa facilities and very often too, organized bus tours to take you around to visit all the attractions and sights the city has to offer. With backpacking on the other hand, the money you would have spent on a luxury hotel can be used to eat what and when you like, as well as pay for the hire of a scooter or bicycle to get around the area as and when you please.

3. Security of a luxury hotel or a room with dodgy people?

Opting to stay in a luxury hotel while on vacation means that you have the hotel security to keep an eye on you as well as your belongings while you are on their property. Choosing to go backpacking instead and stay in places offering cheap accommodation however, most times means that you must accept the conditions of the lodge you are staying in. You could be in a dorm with loud, drunken individuals, have to deal with the stench of their sweat and previous night’s boozing, or wake up to find someone going through your things.

4. Cleanliness

If you’re paying good money to stay at a decent hotel, you are pretty much assured of having your room always being kept fresh and clean. You will have your own bathroom, clean towels and hot water for bathing at any time. If you’re unlucky enough to choose a backpacker’s lodge however, where cleanliness is not high on their list of priorities, you might have to deal with blocked toilets, hair on the shower floor and less-than-clean linen on your bed.

5. Service

Hotels usually offer great services to their clients. Your luggage gets taken to your room for you, the staff go out of their way to keep you happy during your stay and gourmet meals can be delivered to your room if you prefer your own company while you eat. With backpacking on the other hand, you get what you pay for and will more than likely have to see to your own wants and needs, which isn’t a bad thing really, if madly polite, impeccably dressed hotel staff make you feel uncomfortable.

The bottom line is, when you get to take that much-needed vacation at the end of the year, where you stay while you’re traveling must be your choice entirely; luxury hotel or backpackers lodge, whatever works best for you.

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