Love History? These 5 Places are a Must Visit in Bangkok

By admin / November 29, 2017

The capital city of Thailand, Bangkok, is a dream to several tourists all across the world. Its aroma of cultural and modern life blended on every street of it is so divine to witness. If you are willing to visit Bangkok soon, just compare Delhi to Bangkok Flight prices and leave the list and guide to your exotic journey to us.


  • The Grand Palace – The palace was established by King Rama I in the year 1972, and the palace undoubtedly needs no explanation with the epithet grand already embedded in its name. The Grand Palace served as a home to the king in the history and is now an abode to the Emerald Buddha, one of the most worshipped statues throughout the country. This glittering site with its divine temple, Wat Phra Kaew is undoubtedly a must-visit for each and every tourist out there in Bangkok. The place also inhibits certain rules that don’t allow people to enter the temple premises with revealing clothes.
  • Chinatown – The Chinatown of Bangkok is overloaded with thrills and mysteries for history lovers who don’t mind taking a soothing walk. The crowded and puzzling roads are filled with the delicious seafood restaurants at every corner. The old and gorgeous temples and the marketplaces scented with hundreds of life are surely the most soulful place to wander. Among so many highlights of the place, a famous one is the Wat Traimit Temple with an image of Buddha weighing 5 tons making it the largest one in the world. For those who love the lively crowds of a market place, Yaowarat, Soi Padungdao, and the Sampeng Lane alley markets are some of the best recommendations.
  • Rattanakosin Island – This splendid and gorgeous piece of land is located amidst the Phraya River and canals. It can be quite the romantic holiday. This island is a gold mine of old historic beauty and is visited by each and every tourist as it also preserves a number of historic and cultural places of great significance, the most popular one being the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Keo. Wat Pho temple is located on this island along with a number of divine temples. For those who love peaceful bliss of history, no option is better than visiting the National Museum in Rattanakosin Island to spend hours and hours in there.
  • Wat Pho – The phenomenally gorgeous Wat Pho is regarded as the largest as well as the oldest temple in Bangkok. However, the ultimate fame smelted to its title is due to the giant sculpture of Buddha that is almost 150 feet long and is fully wrapped with gold can enchant anyone with its magical view. This huge temple is said to be the abode of almost 1000 statues of Buddha, most of them were extracted from the ancient cities of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai. Wat Pho is also known for its esteemed home of traditional massage which attracts millions for treatment apart from sightseeing.
  • Suan Pakkad Palace – This historical gem is sadly a bit unknown among the tourists. The palace once served as the home of Prince Paribatra, the grandson of King Rama V is an architectural and artistry masterpiece. This palace preserves the divine collections of the Prince’s taste from earthenware to beautiful paintings to glittering glasses. This museum of art also provides space to pottery brought from the UNESCO World Heritage site, Ban Chiang. This landmark definitely deserves more fame and respect as compared to what it receives in the present.


It is obviously impossible to hold back from such a city; so, compare the Delhi to Bangkok Flight prices. And, get set go to visit a  place overflowing with sounds, temples, crowds, busy lanes, delicious Thai recipes that are an immense treat to all the senses stimulating them to utmost euphoria.

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