Fun Vacation Ideas For The Entire Family

By admin / July 25, 2021

Life’s ups and downs can be challenging. If you’re a parent raising children in these unconventional times, things can feel particularly difficult. For this reason, many families are opting to change things up with family vacations in 2021. Whether it’s loading the kids in the camper or attending a vacation bible school with the entire family in tow, there are many ways to have a fantastic vacation everyone in your family will enjoy even in uncertain times. For a few fun vacation ideas everyone in your family will love in 2021, read on.

Road Trips and Museums


Many families are opting to hit the open road for long road trips this year. Traveling in self-contained vehicles like converted vans and RVs, they’re heading out to explore new places at record rates. For many families, one great way to travel and experience new things is to make trips more educational than in the past. With kids accustomed to home-schooling and alternative learning since the pandemic, museums are becoming more popular.

Maybe your family loves music. You could have a blast with a family trip for the music lovers in your life. Consider a road trip to Gateway to the Blues, explore the Blues Museum, and let your kids have fun with interactive exhibits that will have them dancing. That is, where you might have opted for a more standard trip in the past, being creative about learning and your family’s interests could be a great way to get out of the house and have an adventure this year.

Vacation Bible Schools and Camps


In uncertain times, it’s normal for people to look to a higher power for hope. Many families are choosing to spend vacations this year in vacation bible school focused on bible study and activities for kids centered around the scriptures. A fantastic way to build community with like-minded people, a vacation bible school camp could be a great idea for your family.

Spontaneous Visitor Center Dares


With more families traveling on highways this year, many are getting creative about how to pass the time. Whether it’s handing the kids activity books or playing word games during travel, there are road games you can take into the heart of your adventure. Perhaps you and your family are hoping to get out this year but don’t have a specific plan. One idea is to travel in your home state and to stop off at visitors’ centers. Consider talking to those who work in welcome centers and asking for recommendations about local activities you may not know about yet. The truth is that while most of us have been to many attractions in our home states, life gets busy. If you’re like most families, you likely haven’t had a chance to experience everything your state has to offer.

For those taking longer trips or traveling across the entire United States, you could also use visiting centers as opportunities for learning for your kids. Think about allowing your kids to pick the next destination. Consider teaching them to read a paper map. Teach them how to ask for directions. In short, any road trip can be a great opportunity for not only spending time together but teaching your kids skills they’ll have forever.

If life’s feeling hard or you’d like to spend more time with your kindergarten student, preschooler, or high schooler before it’s time to return to school, now’s a great time to get creative with a family vacation. While the perfect place to vacation is different for every family, bringing an open mind, snacks, interactive games for kids on long rides, and a determination to unplug will set you up for a trip you’ll all remember for years to come. Happy travels to you and yours. Don’t forget to pack the camera.


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