Truck Bed Cover Buying Guide: Choose the Best Bed Cover for Your Truck

By admin / July 25, 2021

Your truck is versatile. From taking the kids to school or bringing groceries home to hauling equipment or simply packing camping gear for a long weekend, the chances are it’s a part of your everyday life. Naturally, you want it to last as long as possible, which means purchasing accessories to keep it secure. You’ve probably already considered your truck tires and wheels, but have you thought about purchasing a cover for the bed? Choosing the right one is essential.

Decide What You’ll Use the Cover For

What do you intend to use your truck bed for? If you mainly use your truck for everyday living, consider a soft-rolling cover. Though easy to roll up and out of the way, soft covers still provide protection for basic items you carry around, such as groceries or the kids’ athletic gear. If you don’t expect to use your truck bed on a daily basis, a hard truck cover is a good way to protect your truck bed from the elements as well, but won’t be as easy to get into.

Consider What Other Truck Accessories You Have

Whether you’re shopping for truck Tonneau covers or another type, consider what other accessories you have on your truck. Some covers may not be compatible with other upgrades your truck has. One such example is your truck’s anchor points. If you need to use them often to tie down the equipment you’re hauling, ensure your cover is compatible. Some truck bed covers block access to the stake hole pockets.

Think About How Much Security You Need

The unfortunate fact is that small-time thieves love to see what people are hauling around in their trucks. If you don’t park in the garage overnight, consider a hard truck cover. This is especially true if you keep your tools, small machinery, or other valuable items in your truck. Opt for something like the MX4 BAKFlip. The easy-to-install yet durable and secure cover provides more protection without making it difficult for you to get to what you need throughout your workday.

Understand the Installation and Maintenance Requirements

Before you purchase a cover, consider its installation requirements. The difficulty can vary greatly between covers. Some require no major tools and can be installed in just a few minutes, but others need you to drill holes and can take up to an hour, even with someone helping you. Read the directions to ensure you have the time and tools needed to install the bed.

The same goes for the maintenance requirements. All types of truck covers require some sort of maintenance. Vinyl roll-up covers typically need a UV protectant to keep the sun from fading them or causing other damage. Retractable covers often need mechanical maintenance to keep them working. Consider how much maintenance you want to perform before choosing a cover.

With so many different types of truck bed covers on the market, it can be hard to decide which one best fits your needs. Talk to a professional to help you determine what you need to keep your vehicle and the items it holds safe and secure.


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