Camping Equipment You NEED For Your COVID-Safe Camping Trip!

By admin / January 14, 2021

As the pandemic continues into 2021, it’s important that we continue to follow guidelines for keeping ourselves and others safe. But after a long, hard 2020, it’s also important to prioritize self-care, recreation, and time out in nature.

Staying cooped up inside for months and months is hard for anyone. And while you should continue to postpone hobbies based around large groups of people, there is plenty that you can do outdoors while social distancing.

Camping is one of the best ways to be out in nature and away from others. New to camping? Here’s a quick checklist of camping equipment you need for your overnighter in nature.

Can You Go Camping During COVID?

Can we go camping right now? The simple answer is yes. Camping during COVID is a safe way to get your dose of vitamin D and fresh air.

Many states and counties around the country closed parks and campgrounds during the initial COVID outbreak. But restrictions eased up towards the end of 2020 allowing for plenty of camping and other forms of outdoor recreation.

Many campgrounds allow you to make reservations online. When searching for open campsites, try choosing ones that are further away from other campsites or other public areas like restrooms or stores.

It’s up to you to recreate responsibly as the pandemic continues into 2021.

What Do I Need to Go Camping?

If you haven’t gone camping on your own before, you likely don’t have the gear you need for a comfortable night outside. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be complicated. You need to think about how you’re going to sleep, eat, and clothe yourself.

Sleeping Equipment

You’ll want a sleeping bag, even if it’s warm outside. It can cool down drastically at night.

You’ll also need to choose your shelter, which can be a tent or hammock. A family tent is the easiest option for multiple people to sleep under one roof. A sleeping pad is helpful to make the ground more comfortable.

For those camping on their own, hammocks are a great choice. Make sure to bring an underquilt for the bottom side of your hammock to insulate you from cold wind. Check out this hammock underquilt if you plan to do a lot of hammock camping.

The Best Camping Food

The easiest option, if you’re only camping for one night, is to bring food that doesn’t need to be cooked. This can include granola bars, trail mix, summer sausage, cheese, sandwiches, and other cold foods.

For those who enjoy a hot meal, packing dehydrated meals are easy and tasty. Just boil water with a camp stove and add to your meal to cook it. Or if you’ll have a fire ring at your campsite, you can always cook hot dogs and smores.

Camp Clothes

You don’t need to buy any special clothes to go camping, just be sure to pack the right items. Avoid cotton shirts or jeans since cotton, when wet, takes forever to dry. Choose merino wool or polyester clothing.

Make sure to bring an insulating layer in case it gets cold. A rain jacket never hurts either. Hiking boots and comfortable camp shoes, such as sandals, are a good choice.

Grab Your Camping Equipment and Head Out

You don’t need a lot of brand new camping equipment to get outdoors. You just need the basics. It’s more important that you spend time outside than making sure you are perfectly prepared for every possible scenario.

Especially if you just go for one night, it’s a very forgiving activity. And you need more outdoor inspiration, be sure to visit our blog today.

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