4 Tips on Feeling More at Home When Traveling Abroad

By admin / September 10, 2019

Traveling to different places offers a wonderful opportunity to explore new ways of life, to get away from the usual stresses of your everyday responsibilities and to gain a new perspective by embracing the unknown. However, while these opportunities are incredible, sometimes so much change coming at once can also lead to your feeling displaced and homesick. While the unknown is exciting, the familiar is comfortable and allows people to feel safe and secure. Luckily, there are a few ways in which you can bring a piece of the familiar with you, no matter where you go. So, if you’re abroad, or are planning a trip away soon, here are a few tips which may help you feel more at home no matter where in the world you are.

Getting around

In many cities around the world, local people will often take public transportation as a means of getting around, especially in places where there are good train and underground connections, such as in the UK and the USA. As public transport is almost universal, you may find you grow accustomed to this method of travel very quickly. However, if you’re not used to taking public transport in your own city, and are more adjusted to driving your own car, then you might find yourself feeling more at home if you rent a car. One of the best parts of a rental car is that it allows you to enjoy more freedom and personal space when traveling from A to B, rather than having to share crowded buses or train carriages; this is especially great for the traveler who prefers a little extra luxury and peace during their commute. Click here to find rental cars available at multiple locations worldwide.

Create a comfortable living environment

Whether you’re staying in a hotel, villa, Airbnb, or rented accommodation, your home base should always be a warm and welcoming environment that allows you to feel safe and comfortable. After a long day exploring new terrain, encountering strangers and trying to make your way through a maze of unfamiliar streets, it is important to have a place to return to that makes you feel like you’re at home. This feeling can be achieved in a few different ways: firstly, make sure to unpack your bags properly, and place all of your belongings in a manner similar to what you are used to. Living out of suitcases is unnatural and makes everything feel temporary, so this simple step will make you feel more at home immediately.

It may also help to bring some simple items from home if you can, such as your own pillow or blanket, and a few of your favorite pictures to put up in your accommodation, as this will help you feel less isolated. If you’re living in rented accommodation and will be cooking for yourself, then there is nothing stopping you from buying foods and cooking meals which you regularly eat at home, as again this will provide you with an extra slice of the familiar.

Explore your new home

It normally takes a few days for homesickness to kick in, so make the most of those first few days of being away by simply doing what tourist do best: exploring. Get to know the country’s history and culture from the start, and then once you’ve started to get a general feel for the place, you can broaden your horizons and find the things that interest you the most. If you’re going to be staying in one place for a while, try to find activities that remind you of what you love to do at home, such as finding a nice park to run in, or joining a yoga club. This is also a great way to meet new people and connect with friends who will help you feel more grounded in your new environment.

Use a camera to give your purpose

Some people find themselves feeling anxious when just going out without a purpose; thankfully, taking a camera with you to do your exploring offers a perfect and simply solution. Once you are equipped with a camera, you are likely to find you instantly feel more focused. Plus, you will have the added benefit of having something to hide behind so you feel less exposed. Additionally, taking photos helps to keep your mind active, and it will also allow you to appreciate the picturesque beauty of your new temporary home while giving you visual references for your memories to look back on over time.


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