3 Historical Places Of Interest Every History Student Needs To See

By admin / February 14, 2018

When you’re studying for a history qualification, it’s a good idea to see historical places in person and not just read about them in the history books. Pictures never tell the whole story and there’s nothing like treading on hallowed ground in the footsteps of famous or important people who came before you.

Here are three historical places that will be interesting to visit for a history student or someone who has always had a fascination with historical facts.

Pueblo Indians in Santa Fe

History students and lovers of interesting architecture will enjoy a visit to Santa Fe in New Mexico. While the Pueblo Indians were known to occupy the area from around 1050 and for the next century, they left behind a rich cultural history that remains to this day. The buildings downtown are designed using the hacienda Adobe structural design, the most notable of which is the San Miguel Chapel, which dates back to the early 17th century. The Governor’s Palace is also historically significant. Even the local supermarkets do their best to adopt the Adobe architectural look, which you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere in the country.

The French Quarter in New Orleans

The French Quarter is best understood by walking around rather than driving through. Walking along historical streets, seeing the buildings with classic Orleans visual style, complete with iron fences and interesting façades, is quite beautiful. Much of the area has recovered from the storm damage now and is open for business once again.

The Creole cooking of Louisiana is most evident here. Cajun food too. There’s plenty of excellent restaurants ready to serve heart-warming dishes infused with spicy flavors to make your visit all the more special. The Mississippi River is nearby and worth visiting if you’ve not seen the boats moving up and down the water plying their trade before. Even on weeks when the Mardi Gras is not running, New Orleans is not to be missed.

Fort McHenry in Baltimore

When we think about Baltimore, we may fondly remember two famous Cop TV procedurals set in this gritty city (The Wire and Homicide: Life on the Streets). However, Fort McHenry, which is now a national monument and a site of historical significance, is well worth a visit for all history students and history buffs. The Baltimore harbor was strongly defended in 1812 from here and there’s a Washington monument, which can be climbed if you’re game.

It’s quite likely that a visit to the fort and its surrounding area will inspire you to consider studying a Norwich University master in history to develop a greater understanding about military history, geopolitics, and nation-defining events throughout the world. Norwich University offers their online degree course that provides papers, lecture notes, and videos, so you’ll have all the course materials needed to study the course from the comfort of your living room.

Whether you can take the time out to visit places of historical significance or you prefer to study with Norwich University, you are going to learn a great deal about the United States, how it was formed and its rich history. International history is equally fascinating and is not to be discounted either.

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