The Most Trusted Internet Banking Services

By admin / May 11, 2018

You don’t need to go to a “real” bank for putting money into your bank account or use your balance to pay for things. All of these (and more) can be done over the internet much more easily. Internet banking services offer you this opportunity: Manage your financial life from a device that is connected to the internet. No need to waste time, no need to wait in lines. Just log in to your favorite internet banking service and complete all transactions in seconds. There are lots of companies that provide this service but as it is always the case, some are more trusted than others. This article is dedicated to them: If you are looking for the most trusted internet banking services, keep reading.


Contrary to the popular belief, Trustly is not like “PayPal”. It needs to integrate its systems with real-world banks to work. This is also why it is only available in Europe and for certain banks in each EU country. Basically, you are still paying by using your bank account but use the Trustly interface to complete the payment. If you do not have a bank account, you cannot use Trustly too. This is a niche service that addresses a specific clientele: Those who want to use their bank accounts for payments but do not wish to provide their account information to third parties. After defining your bank account to Trustly, you can start paying with your username and password: No need to give account details to online merchants. Trustly is actually a popular service especially among middle-aged people: It has nearly 70 million clients and integration with more than 100 banks. It can even be used at online casinos too – Trustly casino list contains a lot of reputable gambling brands especially in the UK.


PayPal is probably the first name that comes to mind when someone says internet banking. There is a reason for that: It is really the first service that offered online payments on a global level. As of now, it is also considered as the largest internet banking service in the world. PayPal’s revenue is more than 13 billion dollars and it is available in almost every country. It has a real world banking license too: In Europe, PayPal is legally considered as a “bank” which uses a Luxembourg banking license. The safety of PayPal comes from different regulations: Each country audits and regulates PayPal with its own regulations. This means hundreds of institutions audit the company every day. It is probably the most secure and trustable internet service out there. The only thing it lacks is support for online gambling: PayPal provides minimum support for online casinos.    


Neteller is actually a pretty big company: It owns Skrill too and considered as the second largest internet banking service after PayPal. Unlike PayPal, however, Neteller loves online gambling. It is probably the most used payment method at online casinos. In fact, statistics show that Neteller is processing 80% of all online gambling merchants. It supports 40 different methods to add funds to your Neteller account. Basically, you add a payment method to your account and use it for all kinds of payments at supported merchants – just like PayPal. Neteller also has a debit card of its own, which you can use to withdraw money from any ATM in the world. Since its fees are lower than PayPal, Neteller is the perfect alternative for those who cannot use PayPal or like gambling. The fees listed here also applies to Skrill, so we do not list Skrill separately.

ECO Payz

ECO Payz may be the best internet banking service that nobody knows. It is as big as Neteller and supports more currencies. It has prepaid cards and virtual credit cards. The concept is the same: Add a payment method to your account and start using it for payments. ECO Payz does this job with lower fees than the rest and it is also the proud owner of an FS Tech Award for anti-fraud/security solutions. It is the brand of PsiPay, which is a respected payment service located in the UK. If you are looking for a new internet banking service to try, ECO Payz should be your first option. It is as good as any other services mentioned in this article and still asks the lowest fees.   

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