9 Easy Ways to Improve your Space

By admin / May 11, 2018

Improving your interior space does not necessarily mean that you have to undergo vast expenses and big projects. Many people feel that in order to have the perfect home, they have to rip out their carpet, tile the floors, and replace the windows – all with the help of an expensive interior decorator.

Luckily, this is not the case at all. A little goes a long way, especially when it comes to interior decorating. Here are 9 things that you can start doing today to improve your space.

Paint your walls

Applying a coat of paint can make a massive difference to your rooms. A wall’s color has a vast effect on a room’s personality and its perceived temperature. As a general rule, try to go with a color that has a warm temperature and a light tone. This general rule is not, however, carved in stone. You can basically choose any color you want. If you don’t know what to choose, consider using mockup software to help you choose a color that will suit your personality and style.


A floor has a big influence on the appearance of an interior space. Luckily, you don’t have to go above and beyond to make your floor work with you. Placing a rug on the floor is a simple and affordable solution to change the appearance and texture of your current flooring.

Rugs can be a great addition to almost every indoor space, including your dining room or hallway. It also allows ample choice as there are many different types of rugs available. If you want to apply your personality to a room, a rug is a perfect way to do so.


Ambient lighting or desk lamps can make your indoor space seem cozy, warm and friendly, especially in the evenings. Standing lamps doesn’t require installation and is generally very affordable. 


Indoor plants are a universal, affordable, and effective way to improve your indoor space. The biggest benefit of plants is that they bring the lines and colors of nature into your home. They also have a calming effect on their immediate environment, that is why you will often see them in hospitals or doctor’s offices.

You can add an excessive amount of plants into your home without it ever feeling to be too much. Indoor plants also produce oxygen and clean the air in your home. If you want to improve your space, but you are unsure of what to do first, add plants of all types, shapes, and sizes.

Reduce clutter

Getting rid of clutter is a free and quick way to instantly improve your space. It will make your rooms seem bigger and will add structure to your life. Of course, you have to make a habit of clearing your space from clutter, but then you will be able to live comfortably in your own home in an organized and clean space.

Put your special items on display

If you have little meaningful things that you’d like to showcase in your living room, feel free do so, even if they don’t match the rest of your décor. If you feel positive or proud about a framed certificate or trophy, make it a part of your space. You can even add some complimentary décor to make it look like a focal point or special feature.

Social interaction

Set your seating arrangements up for comfortable social interaction. Comfortable looking chairs that are facing each other, but that have a reasonable distance between them can make a room seem cozy and inviting. A rug can also help to create unity around chairs and sofas and make it look more inclusive.


Art is a very subjective and personal aspect of interior decorating. Since you are the one that will spend the most time in your living room, it is important that you are personally invested in a piece of art that you hang or display in your space. You can even go so far as to pick your rug and art first. Every other decorative and functional feature of your room can follow, even the color of the paint that you choose.


If you have a small indoor space, mirrors can be the perfect way to instantly make your room seem more spacious. Mirrors can also help you light up a dark room. If your walls are painted a dark color, be sure to use mirrors to compensate for the darkness.

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