The Most In-Demand Tech Careers and Skills You Need To Learn In 2021

By admin / March 8, 2021
Ipad, Tablet, Technology, Touch, Computer, Screen

Ipad, Tablet, Technology, Touch, Computer, Screen

Artificial Intelligence (AI) gets criticized by various factions of society for slashing job opportunities. According to a report published in Medium, bots are likely to take over jobs like receptionists, telemarketers, proofreaders, etc., by 2025. Be it healthcare, automobile, banking, or sports, employees of nearly all the industries are keeping up the same dilemma.

That said, there is another side of the picture that typically goes down unnoticed. AI and Technological advancement, in general, have introduced various new career pathways as well. Experts predict that employees are likely to face tough competition when it comes to seizing these opportunities.

So if you want to emerge as a potential candidate for employers, we would recommend you to learn the following in-demand skills:

Software Development

Software development skills enable an individual to design, test, and maintain systems. Software developers are top-rated in the business world. It is because modern-day customers want to get the best user experience while navigating through websites and applications. If they come across any technical issue, you are sure to lose them. Guess what? A vast proportion of visitors would abandon the brand once and for all after encountering a single bad experience.

Designing, debugging, and testing skills are prerequisites to become a software developer. Apart from that, a software developer must have an eye for customers’ changing demands. That way, you can help businesses meet user requirements, which are more volatile today than ever before. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), developers earn 75000 dollars annually. In some cases, the salary could balloon up to 10000 dollars too.

Digital Marketing

Conventional marketing strategies are gradually coming to a close because digital marketing tactics are outperforming them. Earning a digital media degree is an excellent way to boost development skills. Digital marketing broadly covers social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email marketing, copywriting, video and audio production, etc. Most of these areas overlap each other at some point. Therefore, it would be ideal for getting your head around all of them to some extent. But it would help if you considered developing core expertise in one field. That way, you would end transforming yourself as an irresistible prospect for employers out there.

Being well-versed with digital marketing may make you eligible for the following roles:

  • Social media manager
  • Marketing analyst
  • Brand manager
  • Web content writer
  • Email marketing manager
  • Chief marketing officer
  • Public relations officer
  • Search engine optimization specialist
  • E-commerce manager
  • Product manager

There are endless perks and privileges of being a digital marketer, from a robust salary to job security. But the amount of versatility that comes with this role is phenomenal. You will have to adapt to the new changes now and then. If you like to take challenges head-on, look no further.


As years slip by, more and more businesses begin to leverage digital space. The reason behind this is relatively straightforward; online presence ensures exponential growth to every sector in numerous ways. That said, on the downside, it could also make your life miserable from a security standpoint.

Cybercriminals are always on the lookout to breach of digital infrastructure. In America, hackers attempt to breach a system every 39 seconds on average. The stats sum up the rampant mushrooming of cyberattacks. If hackers continue their business as usual in a tech-giant country like America, imagine how unbridled they would be in other downtrodden regions. That is why everyone is looking at cybersecurity specialists to confront data breaches.

What makes this skill more desirable is that the market is undergoing an acute shortage of white-hat hackers. Currently, there are roughly 3.5 million empty vacancies for this role across the globe. So getting well-versed with the skill would pave the way for a rewarding professional life. A cybersecurity specialist draws around a lucrative 82 thousand dollars a year.

Cloud Computing

Organizations had been reporting countless issues about the deficiency of conventional servers. But they were not taking drastic measures to embrace cloud until coronavirus shook them up to a great degree. Cloud engineers, aka cloud architects, will capitalize on the latest development.

Statistically speaking, the public cloud market will cross the threshold of a staggering 331.2 billion dollars by 2022. Indeed, it is a remarkable growth in such a short period.

Data Analytics

Data analytics refers to the skill of crunching raw data and extracting handy information out of it. Companies hire these individuals to improve their bottom online in multiple aspects. For example, they help businesses to examine customer information. Once evaluated properly, marketing teams can use customer insights to craft personalized campaigns.

Final Words

It is a stark reality that bots have taken over many employment opportunities of late. However, on the flip side, technology should also be credited for upscaling technical skills demand. We have mentioned some of the popular skills above. Mastering them will guarantee a fulfilling career.

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