Choosing a Suitable Garage Door

By admin / March 8, 2021

If you are constructing a new home or renovating the former, you have a big decision to make as far as the garage entrance is concerned. Your dilemma may probably be, deciding between a single or double garage door.

Most homeowners who choose a double door are ultimately happy about the decision. What about those who prefer a single door? Are they disadvantaged in any way? Let’s find a way out of the dilemma.

Factors that determine the type of garage door to install

  • The architecture of the house
  • The width of the garage
  • The street-facing direction of the house
  • The position of the center post in an existing garage

Both doors are very attractive and explore various distinctive installation styles.

Ideal situation to install a single door

A garage with two single doors typically needs to measure 22 to 24 feet in width to allow the vehicles to move in with ease. If there’s a service door to the front, you’ll need to increase the width by at least 5 feet.

A single door is easy to open because the piece moves as a whole. It also helps to conceal other activities accommodated in the garage, such as gym equipment.

The merits and demerits of a single door

  • In the event of a malfunctioning garage door, for instance, failing to open or breaking down, you can conveniently access the garage through the opposite door. Such an occurrence may leave you in a pickle if you have a double garage door because you’ll need to open the garage manually or rectify the problem.
  • Opening one door keeps harsh weather elements closed outside, for instance, during cold, windy or rainy weather.
  • A single door enhances the aesthetics of the house. While a double door is stylish, some people argue that it takes a significant portion of a home’s visual appeal.
  • The disadvantage of a single door comes with installation and maintenance costs. You’ll install two similar doors with the same number of torsion springs, tracks, and openers.

The ideal situation to install a double door

  • Ease of use

A double door does not restrict movements in and out of the garage. If you had some gym items you’d want to move out, a double door would help you move with ease.

One car can be pulled in at an angle and parked closer to the wall when there’s a need for door clearance. This may be a tall order for a single garage door, depending on the available space.

  • Torsion springs

A common misconception is that double doors need a higher horsepower opener. This is not true because the garage door torsion springs do most of the work. The springs need to be adjusted with more tension.

Other merits of installing a double door

  • Creates more space.

Homeowners prefer a double garage door size because it offers flexibility in using the space. More people are driving heavy trucks and cars such as SUVs. It may be a challenge parking two such cars in a single garage door.

A double door has the luxury of space. You can park one in the middle and maneuver the other on either side. It is spacious enough to leave enough to clean, load, repair, and move around the vehicle.

And in case you have a new driver in the family, you’re not afraid they’ll smack the side mirrors as they pull out of the garage.

Additionally, you are able to park two vehicles side by side. You also have the liberty to position them as you please.

  • Saves you money

The cost of installing a double door is lower than installing two single garage doors. Two identical single doors mean more opener systems; two sets of tracks, two openers, and two photo-eye sets. Do not forget other items such as the door-closing systems that must be in pairs.

You also need to bear in mind all the repairs and maintenance. It is also crucial to know that only a professional technician should handle all garage door issues. Hiring such skilled labor has a financial implication.

  • Brightens the garage

Homeowners are increasingly using the garage space to house gym activities, guest rooms or home offices. Most garages opt for glass doors to afford maximum natural lighting because of these other functions

If the glass garage door does not suit your range of choice, you can explore fiberglass, wood, steel, or vinyl garage doors with a row of windows. This allows plenty of natural light and insulation of other garage door materials.


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