Six Important Social Media Tips To Help You Increase Your Sales

By admin / November 20, 2018

The introduction of social media and the growing popularity it is experiencing have completely changed the aspect of business and brand marketing. The data of today is in plenty and insights on customers are easier to get than before, and this has allowed social media marketers to get impressive results when they use it well.

Social media allows you to build an impressively engaged following while sharing your message in interesting ways, which leads to generating and increasing sales, leading to a highly successful business. In fact, it is increasingly standing as one of the most successful forms of online marketing. If you are in need of tips to help you maximize it as much as possible, here are some tips to help you drive more sales.

Create consistency on all your social media profiles by using the same handle

In all your social media accounts, you do not want to confuse your brand identity with someone else, so it is very important to maintain consistency within all your accounts, whether that is Instagram, twitter, Facebook, and so on. It may seem insignificant, but it is a factor that will have a major impact on your growth throughout your social media presence.

The easiest aspect of your account for a user to remember is your username, and many people rightfully assume that a brand’s handle they are seeing is the same everywhere they go. Maintaining something as simple as your username or handle ensures that people will always find you regardless of the platform they are on.

For instance, when you are marketing your business to a new user, you always make sure that you tell them all handles, and even your website (it can have something related to your username to create even greater consistency).

Reposting of content from your customers on social media


We are all familiar with the inherent value of testimonials, and you may recognize there is no better form of promotion than users talking positively about your products on their social media accounts. User generated content is a massive form of marketing on social media, and the best brands know how to leverage it properly.

The best reason to encourage users to share their content on your brand is the promotion of trust on the platform. The more users see normal people like them enjoying the product, the more they will be convinced to try it out for themselves.

For instance, you allow people to post pictures of themselves using your product and enjoying it, and it works to boost your engagement levels. You no longer need to force the products on others, or pay for a service to boost your engagement, such as one to boost your likes on Instagram you can buy 50 instagram likes for all you posts.

Do target the social networks your users are most active on


Even if you are not on all social media platforms in existence, you still need to have a significant presence on the platform you are on. That means you should find out where your primary audience is using social media data, and then taking the step to build your presence there.

It is all about using your energy productively. You may not have the time or resources to market on all platforms, but you can make the most of what you have.

Speak the language of the audience

When you want to build a solid relationship with your customers, it is very important to use their language when communicating with them. That is particularly true when you are asking them to take specified actions, such as commenting on your posts, purchasing your products, or tagging their friends. Make an effort to show them you understand them- for instance, using emojis, certain phrases or keywords, which help them know you keep track with hem as well.

When you sustain that personalized connection, it increases the reception of your audience to your message. It also gives you a chance to let the voice and personality of your brand shine.

Work with influencers on social media


Social media has led to the rise of a new job – the social media influencer. These individuals have a significant following and have high levels of engagement on their posts. Therefore, this makes them the perfect way to introduce yourself to their audience and gain new customers.

In fact, what makes influencer marketing so popular is the affordability it brings, and the high levels of trust the influencer has from their audience. When their followers see the influencer endorsing something, a product or a brand, they are encouraged to buy it – all because they feel the influencer is like their friend.

Studies on social media marketing also show this method has very high ROI (return on investment) results, amounting to gains as much as 600% in some instances. The possibilities are endless for influencer marketing, so you can always find a strategy that works for your case.

Linking the product(s) you are trying to sell


Considering all factors to help you connect with customers, social media is supposed to make it easier for you to convert your followers into loyal customers. If the process of conversion is complicated at any step, then they will eventually turn their attention to some other place.

Ensure you make it easy for your potential and current customers to access your website and social media pages. For instance, you can include links within your bios and your content. If the users cannot access the product pages with one or two clicks, they will give up on the process and move on to something else.

The good news is more social media platforms are upgrading their features to make it easier for businesses to get the best results possible, such as the product tagging feature and shoppable posts, both on Instagram.

Final thoughts

Using social media to market your brand is not as difficult as you may think, as long as you have a proper strategy. These tips will therefore help you maximize your impact, regardless of the platform you use.


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