Security Settings In iOS 12 You Should Change Right Now

Going by the trend in the last three years, smartphones have become standard tools for most of the people around the globe. Perhaps there are very few people who still do not have a smartphone. Considering the vast reach and reception of these phones, it is quite evident that they are prone to threats. When there is the usage of advanced technology, there is the scope of abuse as well. Over a few years, there have been quite a few hacking attempts at the iOS versions. To combat and prevent such spurious activities, there are certain security settings that you can enable in the latest iOS 12 versions.

Useful security settings that you need to enable

Turning on the USB Restricted Mode: This is a useful step to prevent hacking attempts. Through this, you can prevent any third-party accessories from accessing your devices, such as USB cables and headphones. This way, you can prevent hackers from bypassing your lock screen passcode and get access to your data. To do it, you must go to settings and ensure that the USB Accessories option is turned off.

Turn on the automatic iOS updates: By turning on the automatic updates, you enable the latest security measures to be installed on your phone. There are quite a lot of security patches that get installed to prevent data theft or crashes. Most of these are updated behind the scenes if you turn on the auto updates. In the settings, go to general and set the software update option to on.

Set a strong password: From the initial four-digit passcode, it is now time for the six-digit passcode in the latest iOS versions. To have a stronger passcode, set a unique combination of numbers. To do it, go to Settings and Touch ID and Passcode and enter your unique passcode. Alternatively, go to Change password and turn on the Custom Numeric Code.

Enable the two-factor authentication feature: This is another gem when it comes to security in iOS phones. In the latest version, there is an option where you can auto-fill the code. This feature is applicable when you set up the phone. To get it activated, go to settings and turn on the Two-Factor Authentication option.

Change the reused password: Last but not the least; make use of the password auditing feature and change the passwords that you have already used. This prevents you from being prone to password reuse attacks. Go to Settings and then Passwords & Accounts and enter your passcode. If the password is being reused, you will find a small warning symbol next to each account where you have used the password before.

Security is very important for mobile gaming 

When it comes to online gambling UK, security is of utmost importance as you deal with sensitive financial information. It is quite necessary that you enable the security settings if you are playing some of the favourite mobile games from your iOS smartphone.

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