How to Set Up the Perfect Gaming Rig

By admin / October 15, 2019

As a serious PC gamer, every part of your battle station matters. Especially when it comes to staying comfortable during those marathon gaming sessions. From your gaming chair to your computer and desk – there’s a lot of pieces that go into completing an awesome gaming rig. Below, we’ve assembled some tips and tricks to put together an awesome command center so you can play all the best online games distraction-free. Read our tips below:

Tip #1: Set up an ergonomic battle station.

If you’re planning on playing games for long periods of time, it is crucial to make sure that your body stays comfortable. You may not think that a little straining here and there makes a difference but over time, it can lead to injuries and other unfortunate health consequences. The most common injury related to bad ergonomics are repetitive use injuries. For users who spend their day at the computer, injuries in the hands, wrists, arms, neck, and back are common.

Ergonomic tips to keep in mind:

  • Your knees should easily fit under your desk without feeling cramped and your knees should be approximately level with your hip bones. Wrists should be straight and below elbow level. Your monitor or monitors should be around an arm’s length away.
  • Make sure you choose a chair with armrests that allow your shoulders to relax so you don’t tense up as you play online games. Ideally, your chair will have an adjustable backrest, lumbar support, and swivel and roll functions.

By paying attention to good ergonomic practices as you play games online, you’ll enjoy being comfortable without worrying about that weird kink in your neck or sore wrists.

Tip #2: Keep snacks and hydration within reach.

Whether you’re playing MOBA games or real-time strategy games, it can be difficult to tear yourself away from the action. However, you shouldn’t ignore your basic needs in the pursuit of online glory. Consider setting up a mini fridge near your battle station stocked with healthy drinks like coconut water and unsweetened teas. Invest in a water bottle that motivates you to drink water throughout the day.

And don’t forget about your nutrition! Sure, sugar may briefly make you feel more awake as it spikes your blood sugar and you get that sugar rush feeling coursing through your veins. But, it’s likely to be followed by a crash and may leave you feeling sluggish and slow with your reaction times.

Instead, opt for healthy snacks and meals – even if you’re not cooking from scratch. Stay away from sugary, artificial foods that can leave you feeling drained and go for food that offers sustained, slow-burning fuel. For example, an apple and peanut butter, beef jerky, or avocado toast offers you nutrition that won’t leave you feeling burnt out after eating it.

You may even want to try a meal subscription service like Blue Apron if you feel adventurous enough to assemble a meal or Freshly if you’d rather just reheat fully cooked meals instead.

Tip #3: Take breaks

Sitting in front of a computer screen all day isn’t a great choice for anyone. It’s important to take adequate breaks to get up and walk around to get the blood flowing and your heart pumping. There’s a reason why scientists keep saying that sitting is the new smoking after all. Continuously sitting without moving has negative health consequences and increases your overall mortality risk.

If you tend to forget to take breaks and move around, consider wearing a fitness tracker that can keep you accountable. Many fitness trackers offer features such as alerts when you’ve been sitting still for too long. Plus, who knows, maybe it will inspire you not to just take breaks from being sedentary but take your exercise to the next level and go for a walk or run.

Setting up your gaming rig the right way

When you’re busy settling scores on the online arena, it can be second-nature to just forget about everything else. However, if you want an excellent gaming experience, it’s crucial to create a gaming rig that is comfortable and fits your body. It’s also important to take breaks, stay hydrated, and eat properly so you can sustain yourself even during long gaming sessions battling your enemies.


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