How to Easily Test Clean on Any Drug Tests

By admin / July 17, 2019
Person Holding Laboratory Flask


Person Holding Laboratory Flask

It may be for a job interview, a scholarship program, or even a medical issue that drives you to take a drug test. Unfortunately, most people don’t seem to know that there are ways which can help you clear the drug test in a matter of days.

So how exactly do you pass a drug test in only a few days? Well, keep reading to get a couple of crucial tips that you need to keep in mind when going for a drug test. Currently, the most common drug tests conducted to determine the levels of various toxins in your body are;

  • Saliva
  • Urine
  • Blood
  • Hair

To pass any of these tests with ease, you need to either take your body through a detox process or purchase a “Test Clear” drug test kit if you think your body has induced too many toxins.


To remove toxins from your blood, urine, or saliva, you need to take your body through a detoxification process of one to ten days. Formulas for detox can be tablet or liquid-based as well as those based on a diet. Detoxification is highly effective as a form of precaution for someone who has low levels of drugs in their bodies.

Test Kits

If you’ve been taking hard drugs for a long while, it may be tough to remove all the toxins in your body through detox. There are many drug test kits available in the market to test for various drugs such as;

  • Marijuana
  • Barbiturates
  • Cocaine
  • Benzodiazepines such as Xanax and Valium
  • Opiates
  • Oxycodone
  • Amphetims and Methamphetamine

All the kits for testing the above classification of drugs are cheap and easy to use, giving 99% accurate results in a matter of minutes.

How to pass a urine test

Urine test is undoubtedly the most common drug test and is surprisingly also the easiest test to pass. If you want to pass a urine test in less than an hour, you need to purchase a powdered urine kit.

This product has every critical chemical component necessary for whichever type of test you need to take. The kit comes with the following components;

  • Drug-free powdered urine
  • Temperature strip
  • A heater which is air activated
  • 50ml vial

It’s easy to use since you only need to add a little water to get at least 25ml of a urine sample for a valid urine test. The temperature strip is stuck on the vial vertically and the air heater wrapped around the jar. To get an accurate submission temperature, it will take the air heater about 30 to 40 minutes to work. The temperature strip is reusable, and it is very reliable.


After digging deeper into this somewhat controversial topic, there was enough evidence from people with multiple success stories on passing any drug test. For example, the urine test has never failed on an experiment conducted using the urine kits. It’s, therefore, safe to conclude that for only a few dollars, you can easily pass any drug test in only a matter of minutes.

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