8 Online Degree Types that Can Help You Excel in Any Industry

By admin / July 17, 2019

Deciding on a career path might seem simple, especially if you already have an idea of what you want your occupation to be. However, as you actually begin to look at the degrees that you can earn to improve your chances of being hired, you start to realize that this decision is one that is going to stick with you for a long time because it could limit the kinds of jobs you’re eligible for.

Luckily, that’s not true for all kinds of educational credentials, as certain online degree programs will add something to your resume that every employer will find favorable. With that said, if you’re looking for an option that will allow you to study and advance your career from anywhere there’s an internet connection, you might want to start by considering the following eight online degree types:

1. Masters in Business Administration

Earning a masters in business administration (MBA) can put you on the fast track to becoming a highly eligible job candidate in any field. Plus, studying for an online MBA is a task that anyone can work towards in their spare time without interrupting any current obligations related to their job or social life. Furthermore, you can graduate from one of these programs in just 18 months and you’ll have a credential that could get you a high-ranking, high-paying management level job.

2. Software developer

If you have the ability to create and update apps or proprietary company software, you’re instantly a more likable candidate in the eyes of most hiring managers. Even if they don’t intend to hire you as a software developer, the simple fact that you’re intelligent enough to become proficient in programming and software to the point of having a degree in this field will illustrate that you’re a very competent individual. As such, you’ll find favor when applying for managerial positions or any job that is related to the use of computers in any way.

3. Statistician

Anyone who has taken the steps necessary to become a statistician must be capable of performing about 80% of the jobs in the world and 100% of jobs related to statistical analysis. Obviously, when you take into consideration that every company can benefit from statistical analysis, a statistician can become employable in any field. Even with an entry-level job as a statistician, you’ll be earning around $80,000+ annually and the industry has a growth rate of about 35% over the next decade.

4. Bachelor’s in Business

While an online MBA would probably be a preferable option of a BA in business, this is still a decent option for anyone who wants a decently quick route to becoming a customer service manager or another managerial employee. Of course, you can also use the knowledge obtained during your studies to launch your own businesses as an entrepreneur, so having a business degree is never really a bad move. When you think about it, the term “business” encompasses every single company on earth, so specializing in business means that you stand a chance of being hired for the best-paying jobs at any company.

5. Market Research Analysis Degree

If you’ve never heard of market research analysis, you might be wondering how many jobs there are for people with this kind of a degree. As internet business becomes increasingly important for every company, the world is seeing an increasing demand for professionals who can conduct competitive analysis and create insightful reports that will drive strategic corporate adjustments and initiatives. As an added bonus, earning an online degree in analysis will teach you how to create persuasive graphs and charts that will make your portfolio look excellent.

6. Bachelor’s in Finance

If you’re good with money and you did well in math, you might want to look into a finance degree. Every company needs someone with financial skills and lots of huge corporations are in desperate need of more auditors. While you’ll need to be prepared to do a fairly tedious job with high accuracy, the hourly pay can be wonderful in entry-level positions and in the upper end of the spectrum you’ll have jobs like a financial manager, which would provide you with an average annual salary of about $125,000.

7. Bachelor’s in Accounting

Every business owner will eventually come to the point where they need to hire an accountant unless they’re willing to do all of their company’s accounting independently. Even when companies opt for in-house accounting, they’ll be looking for someone with a degree in accounting to bring on board. Of course, since all companies have financial accounts, an accounting degree makes it possible for you to potentially get hired at any company.

8. Operations Management

Similar to a degree in business administration, an operations management degree will equip you with a broad range of skills that will make you a highly capable manager for any company. With a verifiable degree in operations management from an accredited university, you’ll be letting prospective employers know that you have what it takes to fill crucial leadership roles within their company. New factories, warehouses, and distribution facilities are being constructed every year, so there’s a continually rising demand for professionals who can manage those new locations.

Don’t Limit Your Options with a Restrictive Degree Path

In closing, it’s best not to put yourself in a limited position by earning a degree that will only make you eligible for certain jobs. If you do decide to go that specialized route, it would be wise to consider earning one of the aforementioned degree types online to serve as an economic backup in the event that you find it difficult to find an ideal job in your area after obtaining your main degree. Ultimately, this list is only the tip of the iceberg, as there are many educational paths that can make you a more employable individual all around, so be sure to do your own research into this topic.

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