How To Design an Amazing Website For Your Restaurant

By admin / December 3, 2018

Gone are the days when the customers used to flip the pages over the yellow pages of a telephone directory, to look out for some good restaurants for a dinner! Now all are seeking internet assistance for wonderful recommendations on restaurants.

When the information comes along with ratings, the people know whether the one they choose is worth the splurge! If you don’t build an attractive website for your restaurant, you are all washed up! So, I am all up for explaining how to design a gorgeous website for your restaurant.

Understand the audience

Why do people come to restaurants? Just to chill out with friends or family at the end of a busy day. They use your website to know better about the menu, and the services you offer. Just like a beautiful ambiance can impress the customer, an attractive design can impress your customer to a great extent.

You can expect students to flock into your restaurant if your restaurant is near a university. If your restaurant is in the heart of a business hub, you can expect much-disciplined business people visiting your restaurant to have a professional chat. You can beautify your website with bright and vibrant colors if your customers are students. On the flip side, make it look professional if matured business people visit your restaurant.

Menu page and a Killer “About Us” page

Just like the saying goes, the first impression is the best impression, all you need to boost up your business is to create a killer “About Us” page. It should explain in brief what all services you provide along with the special menu of your restaurant. It reads out to the viewers the story of the restaurant and the attitude of the owner. It should be impressive enough to convert viewers into loyal customers.

Do you know “About us” page is the most viewed page on a website? It should explain why you have created a website. This is the page the prospective customers land on when they open your website. Keep it as attractive and informative as possible. But, don’t forget to add a review page wherein the customers can share the nice experience and good food they ate at your restaurant.

Choose a beautiful restaurant theme

Nice themes with bright and clear images to decorate your web page. A brown theme with white background symbolizing tradition along with creation would be just perfect! Of late, people find it handy to use a mobile. So prefer to have a mobile-friendly theme to facilitate the customers to refer to your website even while at work or even traveling! So, you should help from Web Development Company (G Squared web design) as they can help you to build the perfect site for your customers. You can also choose a large burger or any pastry picture to awaken the greed to eat in your customers!

Online reservation page

It is a wearying to answer each and every phone call as you can expect too many people to call at the same time. You can have an online registration form to help you get orders online. It would be convenient for you to accept or reject orders, online. Once you receive the order, you can reach out to your customers through an email to intimate the time of delivery and payment!

Where to look for a perfect web site

WordPress can be of great help in purchasing a domain name and picking up a hosting site for your restaurant website. This will cost you as less as $4. The final step is to download WordPress and your amazing website for promoting your restaurant is ready! You can also use a free restaurant website builder and you can have your website up and running in just a few minutes.

In short, designing a superb website for your restaurant is a cake walk if you follow the above steps carefully. First, understand the customers, gauge their needs, choose a perfect theme and color for your website, create a stunning about us page, and download WordPress, your website is all set up!


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