Faii Ong – Reasons to be Excited About Medical Tech Development

By admin / March 11, 2021

The medical field and the military are usually the first places where we witness spellbinding new technology. Advancements are constantly being made, and things have been this way for centuries now. With this being said, we are currently living through one of the most important times in the world of medical advancements, and there are many reasons for us to be excited and happy. Thanks to industry leaders such as Faii Ong, we are very much in the golden period of technological development and this is going to be something which of course will help us all moving forward.

Here is exactly why this is such an exciting time.

Speed of Change

We mentioned that medical advancements have been made consistently for a number of centuries, and whilst this is true, the reality is that the speed of those advancements have never been anything like they are right now. We have take enormous leaps in the last decade alone, more so than we had done in the previous 5.

Tech Developing Tech

One of the key reasons why things are moving at a faster rate, and why they are advancing in the way that they are, is that we now have tech doing the work for us. We can now develop new drugs, new machinery and find better ways of working, thanks to the use of technology. The reality is that machine learning and artificial intelligence are both here to stay, and they are going to greatly help us to bring about bigger changes. This is by far and away the most fascinating advancement that we have made, and through machine learning we are going to be able to seriously boost our chances of making great headway in so many fields.


One of the best things to happen to this field is the level of competition which has been created. Now of course one could argue that the desire of these teams should be to create the best product which helps the most people, but this is not always the ideal scenario. The reality is that competition drives tech companies to work harder, to think outside the box and to create as best as they can, in order to deliver the best products. Competition may sound like a dirty word but ultimately it is what brings the best results and it is what delivers the fastest solutions in the healthcare industry.

Stats Don’t Lie

Tech advancements are one thing, but they actually have to deliver in order to be praised and lauded. Thankfully we are seeing improvements over the last decade alone which are clearly showing that those breakthroughs which we have made, are making a difference. From earlier diagnoses to faster processing of patients, more people being cured and lower death rates, there have been tangible results thanks to the advancements and improvements which have been made in the healthcare sector.

This is certainly something which we should all be excited about.


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