6 Things You Can Do with Wearable Technology

By admin / January 18, 2018

Items like smartwatches and fitness bands are revolutionizing the ways we live and work, making previously difficult tasks like getting in shape or doing business on the go easier than ever. Here are some of the most important ways you can use wearable smart tech to improve your life.

Check Your Email

The most basic wearable device to spring to mind when the category is mentioned is the humble smartwatch, a wrist-worn device that interfaces with your other devices and performs basic functions. One of those functions is to check your email and text messages for you.

Smartwatches let you look over your messages and sometimes send brief form replies without needing to fish your phone out of your pocket. While this is convenient for everyone, people who work jobs that require active attention or who drive a lot will particularly appreciate the ability to screen for important messages without a lot of distracting activity.

Lose Some Weight

Who out there couldn’t stand to drop the last few stubborn pounds? Specialized wearable tech items like the Jawbone UP connect to cloud-based systems to provide detailed recommendations for you based on the specifics of your activity levels and vital statistics. Combining them with apps on your smartphone, you can transmit and receive reports as thorough as specifically suggested meals to help you deal with a particularly busy day or a night where you never quite settled down.

Watch Your Health

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Smart devices can also help you track your health in ways other than helping you drop those last few pounds. Items like a Fitbit track your heart rate and activity levels, letting you know how much you do in an average day. The device might even be capable of combining the various information streams it is collecting and providing you with an overall fitness report, letting you know exactly what kinds of things you should be doing to keep yourself in better shape.

Find Yourself

No, not in a metaphysical sense. Rather, what we’re talking about is the built-in GPS features on most smart devices that makes tracking them down easy. The signal on a wearable device may be better than that of your phone or tablet, making it a crucial component of your mapping system. You might even be able to find one that works independently of a smartphone, giving the device even more utility.

Moreover, many smart devices aren’t as well known to society at large as smartphones, meaning any ne’er-do-wells who might be inclined to lift an item from you might overlook them, leaving you a means of finding your way back home.

Make a Phone Call

If you are frequently on the go and need to call people, the ability of wearable tech to simplify your routine should be of intense interest to you. If you combine an unobtrusive Bluetooth headset with a Samsung Smartwatch that remotely controls your smartphone, you can scroll through your contacts and make calls without having to look at your phone directly even once. And if you got yours from a carrier like T-Mobile you can combine their reliable network, and you’ll be able to make calls easily no matter what situation you are in.

Monitor Your Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important times for regenerating the body and keeping us fresh and optimally performing, and yet it can be very hard to know if you are getting quality sleep or not. In addition to tracking statistics related to physical activity, many fitness-related smart devices have features that allow them to watch how you sleep.

By wearing them overnight while the proper modes are engaged, the user can check a variety of stats revolving around how well they sleep, from tracking restlessness and resting heart rate to counting the number of times they have to get up during the night.

Whatever kinds of smart devices and wearable tech you choose to embrace, the fact is, they are here to stay. Learning what they have to offer you is not only fun, it’s also a critical way of keeping up with the world.

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