Residential Living Ideas: How To Add Maximum Storage In A New Home

By admin / January 22, 2018

Visit and you’ll notice how people turn apartment living into luxury living. And why shouldn’t they? Since they have access to all fine amenities, moving to an apartment can be a worthwhile experience. If you’re also one of those who is seeking excellent ways of living a residential life, why not begin with implementing ideas in redecorating your home in ways that will help maximize your storage space?

There are various ways to enhance the look of your new apartment – just by choosing the right storage options! You’ll definitely fall in love with the following storage ideas.

Storage Ottoman

Never underestimate the purpose of an ottoman. It does more favors to you than just giving you a space to rest your feet on.

If you’ve just begun setting up your living room, you’ll need to organize certain things (such as remote controls, kids’ toys, or game controllers) as often as you can. Buying an ottoman with its hinged top will not only enhance the look of the living room, it will also keep the stuff handy while hiding all extra things beneath it’s top.

Outdoor Bench

What could be more pleasing than viewing the beach from your apartment balcony? To find a beach home apartment, you can get more info here. But if you’re residing in a beach apartment already, you can place a comfy bench on your balcony.

Choose the one that has a hidden storage area beneath the seating. If you have plants on the same balcony but you’re not sure how to tidy up space by hiding the garden hose and other gardening tools, this outdoor bench will provide the storage space!

Movable Toy Chest For Kids

A toy box with wheels is all you need for de-cluttering the kids’ bedroom. Even if you want to watch them play while you’re preparing a meal, you always have an option to move this toy chest near the kitchen area and cook peacefully.

A Home Office Desk That Always Looks Organized

Nothing looks more distracting than the scattered bills, post-it notes, pen, and other work-related stuff. If you’re working at home, why not give your home office a classy touch?

No matter how hard you try, it’s almost impossible to keep each and every item in its original place. This is when you’ll need small cubicles on the top of your desk.

Storage Bed

Think your bedroom is spacious enough to accommodate your belongings? Even if it is, you’ll agree with this statement, “A closet space is never enough.” That’s when you need more of it. Interestingly, a storage bed can be a perfect solution.

If you’re in a mood to buy new furniture before moving to your new apartment, it’s wise to prefer a storage bed over the traditional one. There are reasons for this:

  • You’ll need it the most if you love inviting your parents to spend their vacations with you – in your sweet home! Wondering where to store the extra mattresses and pillows? Here’s the answer: the storage area underneath the bed.
  • If you live in a colder region, you’ll often need a place to store your summer clothes while making sure you have enough room for the everyday-wear, warm clothes. Again, a storage bed will help you out with this.

A Creative Laundry Hamper

You know the purpose of a hamper already. But why hide this storage item when you can turn it into a home décor item?

If you love all things art and craft, it’s time to apply your artistic skills by playing with some colors. Transform the plain, boring laundry hamper you just bought for your new home into a brightly colored piece of art. When friends come over for lunch, they’ll hardly recognize that it’s originally a hamper!

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