You’re Not Alone: 10 Signs of Spirits and Angels to Look For

By admin / April 20, 2021

Did you know that 4 in 10 Americans believe in supernatural beings? 45% of Americans believe in demons while 45% believe in ghosts. About 13% of Americans believe that vampires exist.

When it comes to political parties, 54% of Republicans believe in demons while only 37% of Democrats do. 46% of Republicans believe in ghosts while 41% of Democrats do.

Are you one of the many Americans who believe in spirits?

Learn about some of the signs of spirits. Keep reading to learn what they are.

1. Seeing Shadows

Seeing shadows in the night isn’t too strange of an occurrence. Seeing shadows where there aren’t any items or human beings might point to something more supernatural.

If you find yourself seeing shadows out of the corner of your eye and turn around to see nothing in sight, this is a sign of a spirit trying to connect with you. Since spirits aren’t part of the physical world, it’s possible that catching unclear glimpses is the only way for you to see them.

2. Angel Dreams

If angels appear in your dreams or if you’re able to have clear conversations with them in your sleep, these might be physical signs of the Holy Spirit trying to communicate with you.

Being in a dream state might open your mind up to receiving supernatural messages in a way you can’t while you’re awake. When spirits show up in your dreams, you can be certain that they’re in your life to guide you through any hard situations you might be going through.

3. Temperature Shifts

A sudden gust of wind or cold breeze might seem like a normal shift by Mother Nature, but this could be a sign of spirits entering a room. When the temperature drops quickly and suddenly giving you goosebumps or shivers, you might be receiving a spiritual visit.

Spirits need energy to enter a space—this is why all the heat might leave the room on occasion.

4. Flashes of Light

Flashes of white light are some of the most common signs of angels. Since angels are a source of energy, they can appear as white light to let their presence be known.

These eye flashes can be seen as you meditate, in your dreams, and even in nature. White orbs of light can also appear in photographs you take. While you might not see the light while taking the picture, the camera can pick up the spirit’s energy.

5. Finding a White Feather

Since white is the color most associated with light and purity, it’s what comes to represent angels and spirits best. Spirits can choose to present themselves by placing a white feather in front of you.

You might see a few feathers while visiting areas with large populations of birds—this isn’t out of the ordinary. If you come across a white feather unexpectedly, however, this could be a sign that you have a spirit watching over you.

6. Electrical Glitches

While tech glitches can be a sign of some electrical issues, they can also indicate that you’re in the presence of spirits. If you’ve had your electricity checked, have the latest technology, and are still experiencing unexplained glitches, you might be getting a visit from spiritual beings.

Flickering lights and TVs that change channels on their own are some common signs. Spirit beings use lights or the TV as a medium to speak with the living.

7. Faint Whispering

Other signs of a spirit visiting you can include hearing whispers around you. Your mind is prone to play tricks on you when you’re alone in your house. You might think you’re hearing conversation when there’s no one else around.

However, you could also be hearing a spirit speaking to you.

If this has happened to you on more than one occasion, a spirit might be trying to communicate an important message to you. The next time you hear faint whispering in your ear, try to concentrate hard so you can receive the message.

8. Changing Scents

Walking into a bakery and being hit with the delicious smell of vanilla or chocolate is one thing, but being hit with these scents in your room, in the middle of the night, is a strange occurrence.

Scents are another way for spirits to communicate with you. They’ll most likely use a scent that has some kind of connection to you. You might smell your late grandmother’s famous apple pie or the cologne your father used when you were a kid.

9. Unexplained Movements or Sounds

Old homes can make a lot of noise. You might hear some creaking in the basement. Some sounds can’t be explained so simply, however.

If you hear rummaging in specific rooms in the house or footsteps up the stairs, this could be a spirit trying to make themselves known.

When you notice items missing or shifted throughout your home, this is another sign of a spiritual presence.

10. Feeling Watched

Do you know that scary feeling after watching a horror movie? You might be looking over your shoulder on your way home from the movie theater, or you might be scared to sleep with the lights off.

You might even feel like you’re being watched.

If you continue to have this feeling even when you’re in the company of friends, this might be a sign of a spirit lingering around.

The Signs of Spirits Explained

There are many signs of spirits all around you. Changes in temperature or flashes of white light might mean that a spirit is trying to connect with you.

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