Let’s take it outside: Alfresco dining

By admin / April 19, 2021

Before social distancing became a thing, people were using artificial grass in their outside space. Not only is it easy to maintain but it means that you will always be ready to entertain without worrying about getting your garden guest ready and you can finally say goodbye to your lawnmower. Now more than ever, we are spending more time outside socialising, so now is definitely the time to sort out your outside space.

All year round

As previously mentioned, there is a significant increase in people entertaining outside so why not get your garden prepared for the colder months. Gardens are usually neglected in the winter as it’s cold and most flowers have died off. The use of a gazebo or awning will create an area protected from any rain and other bad weather. You could even get an outside heater so you don’t have to compromise dining with your friends/family when it starts to get cold. As you don’t need to cut artificial grass, it is the perfect addition to any busy household as it requires very little maintenance all year round. Whilst we can’t guarantee blue skies, especially in the UK, we can guarantee that your grass will always be green, making your garden more aesthetically pleasing in the eye, creating a bright and inviting outside space for you and your guests.

Colour palette

As artificial grass remains a nice and fresh green colour all year round, incorporating flowers, whether that’s in flower beds in pots with help to bring your garden together from the contrast of different colours. Not only will your garden be the perfect spot to dine outside but it will also help to maintain and attract wildlife in your garden.


As your grass won’t require a lot of attention, it will give you more time to style your garden to make it a great place to relax and unwind throughout the year. You could add a water feature which will introduce serenity into your garden to having a fire pit to create a social point in your garden. Whatever the size of your garden, there are many easy and cost-effective ways to utilise the space you have. Just by adding flowers or creating sharp boarders in your garden will make the world of difference. For evening dining, you can create a lovely atmosphere by putting up fairy lights. This will help to set the mood for the evening and make you and your guests feel relaxed as well as providing enough light to keep the entertainment going.

Alfresco dining has never been more popular so now is the time to sort out your garden/outside space to make it look like more inviting. From minimal changes to complete over hauls, getting your garden ready for entertaining so friends and family can pop by for a drink outside is definitely a must. Whatever your budget is, small changes can make the biggest difference so if you haven’t already, go and get your garden ready for alfresco dining and drinks! You won’t regret it.

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