Why You Should Move to Spain

By admin / June 16, 2020

If you’re looking for a new life, a change of pace, or just to try something different, moving to a new country could be exactly what you need to do. It’s not for everyone; some people would miss their home countries too much, or feel it is too much of an upheaval, for example. For some, though, it’s the perfect idea. If you like the sound of moving to a new country but you’re not sure where to go, what about Spain? It certainly has got a lot going for it. Here are just some of the reasons why Spain would make a perfect choice.

The Weather

Although the weather might not be an important factor if you’re moving from a US state that is good and warm, if you do happen to have cold winters and you’re not keen on that coldness, the idea of moving to Spain where it is warm all year round (and extremely hot in the summer) will certainly be appealing.

On the southern coast of Spain, you are going to be expecting something like 320 days of sunshine every year. How does that compare to where you are living now?

Choice of Home

Buying a house in Spain is not as complicated as you might think, although as with every house purchase there is going to be plenty of paperwork, and, because you are dealing with Spanish law and Spanish solicitors, you need to make sure your own legal representative understands the differences here.

Having said that, buying a home in Spain is an excellent way to go about enjoying the beautiful country. There are older properties as well as some gorgeous brand new ones that will give you some brilliant ideas for better living when you see them. The wonderful amount of choice that you have when picking your new home in Spain means that there really is something for everyone.

Food and Drink

There is a rich heritage in Spain when it comes to food and drink. Spanish cuisine is famed throughout the world as being simple, delicious, and mostly healthy. Of course, everything needs to be eaten and drunk in moderation to ensure that healthy aspect remains, but the incredible fresh fish, fruit, and vegetables that are the mainstay of most meals is sublime, and for food lovers Spain is the most fascinating of countries.

Cost of Living

When you compare Spain to other countries, even other European ones, you’ll see that the cost of living is actually much lower than most others. When it comes to groceries, to gas, to property, even to eating out in a restaurant, the final bill is often less than you might have thought, and certainly a good way to make the most out of your retirement fund or savings.

Before you move, however, you should always look at budgeting for the future. The cost of living might be lower, but that doesn’t mean it’s free, and you will need to know that you can cover your needs once you move.


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