How To Spend Time With Family In Lockdown?

By admin / June 17, 2020

Most of us live tedious lives. From Monday to Sunday, seven days a week, we are caught in the whirlwind of activities. In the juggle to create a work-life balance, we are losing touch with our family. Because of the hectic schedule, we spend less quality time with our family yet knowing how important it is.

As we all are experiencing lockdown, it is a golden opportunity for all of us to stay close to our family. While you and your family are at home, you have ample time to talk, play, and spend some time with your family members.

Here is how you can spend more time with your family.

1) Have a Meal Together: “Family that eats together, stays together” goes the popular adage. During the lockdown, make it a point to have at least one meal together. It could be either breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Dining Table is the best place where you can share your thoughts and ideas over some tasty food. You can also enjoy evening tea with your family or help your mother, sister in the kitchen.

2) Morning Walks and After Dinner Walks: There is something beautiful about the early morning, and late-night dinner walks. Isn’t it? It’s peaceful and calm. As per your comfort and convenience., either go for a morning walk or after-dinner walk. Take a stroll with your siblings and parents. Talk, and laugh.

3) Read Together: Make reading a family activity. If you have children, read books to them and share knowledge. You can also read the newspaper with your children and discuss matters like politics, sports, lifestyle. It is one of the excellent ways to share information, learn something new, and stay connected to each other.

4) Play With Siblings: In this age of technology, we all are glued to our phones. It’s a common phenomenon in a family where siblings are disconnected while being connected because they are always on their phones. Switch off your phones for a while, and spend time with your siblings. Play board games, talk to each other, share feelings to strengthen your sibling bond. Another way of strengthening the bond is online rakhi delivery, through which you can send love to your brother in another city.

5) Involve The Kids: As parents, you need to spend time with your children, taking care of their development and growth. Now, when you are at home, get involved with your kids. Do exciting activities with them like creating something artful, or making them do little chores, telling them stories, etc. All these ways will help you shape your child’s personality as well as will make them feel connected to you.

6) Do a Good Deed: Extending a helping hand will make you feel happy. In times of crises, do a good deed. You can visit an NGO with your family for donations, or you can take part with your family in various activities run by the government to help those in need. Spread smiles all those around you. These activities will instil compassion and kindness in the hearts of your family members.

These were some of the best ideas to spend quality time with your family and stay connected to them.

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