Why You Should Choose Local Legal Advice

By admin / August 6, 2020

Nowadays, with so many capabilities in remote working and long-distance communication, it can feel tempting to turn to a more widely publicised legal firm servicing more than just the local area. In reality, however, it can be easier and cheaper to choose a local firm.

Although there’s no requirement to stay local, read more below about the unique benefits of working with a firm in your area.


1.Geographical Convenience

With the internet being what it is, and our near-constant ability to converse through email and phone calls, it is easy to talk ourselves into choosing a solicitor from further afield. And, while it is of course possible, there are plenty of instances where an in-person visit is simpler.

If you are required to, say, sign documents or hand in a copy of your ID, then the geography could become more of an issue. You might need to take time off work, and will be faced with the costs of travelling to another town or city for a meeting.


2.Local Expertise

A local firm will have a wealth of knowledge about the area; this provides them with a firm foundation from which to start on your case, rather than potentially costing you time and money as they familiarise themselves with local dealings.

If you are selling or buying property within Gloucestershire, for instance, then solicitors in Cheltenham will hold a valuable knowledge of the local market, and are likely to have already built strong relationships with estate agents in the area.


3.It Can be More Cost-Effective

Larger firms typically designate more resources into their marketing campaigns and referrals; while this is a lucrative tactic for bringing in high levels of business, the cost might be reflected in their fees, and clients could end up paying over the odds.

Solicitors working within the local area may have fewer overheads, enabling them to offer their clients more attractive pricing.


4.You Can Support the Local Community

In such a well-connected world, where we can have products delivered across thousands of miles in mere days and speak with people on the opposite side of the globe, it is important to remember the value of supporting the community operating closer to home.

Offering your business to a local firm is a lovely way to learn more about what is going on just beyond your doorstep, and to offer your support at the same time.


5.You Receive a More Personal and Friendly Service

If you choose a large law firm in, say, London – basing your decision purely on reputation – then you will be likely to miss out on the personal, supportive service offered by firms working nearby. You might have to make it beyond the call centre just to speak with your solicitor, which can be nerve-wracking and feel impersonal.

Many of the reasons you have for sourcing legal advice can take their toll on your emotions, and leave you feeling more stressed than usual. Having a friendly face to turn to, and knowing that your case has the time and attention it deserves, can have a profound impact on your ability to feel positive, calm, and hopeful about your situation.

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