Mentoring Vs Coaching: What’s the Difference Between the Two?

By admin / August 7, 2020

The personal coaching industry has already reached the $1 billion mark. As more people recognize the benefits of personal development, the industry will continue to grow. Despite the popularity of coaching, many people don’t know much about the industry.

In fact, coaching is often confused with mentoring.

What’s the difference between mentoring vs coaching, exactly? Keep reading to find out! In this guide, we’ll review everything you need to know about both.

As you learn more about coaching and mentoring, you can discover the option that’s best for you.

Read on to discover the difference between coaching and mentoring today!

Defining Coaching and Mentoring

To learn the difference between coaching and mentoring, it helps to define the two, first. Coaching is focused on improving a person’s behavior and performance to enhance their job output. Mentoring, on the other hand, is focused on building a two-way relationship.

Mentoring is ideal for a long-term career path. Meanwhile, coaching is ideal for resolving present work concerns.

Over 70% of Fortune 500 companies already offer mentoring programs. In fact, individuals with a mentor are promoted five times more often than those without one. Meanwhile, about 92% of small businesses agree that mentors impact a company’s survival and growth.

In other words, mentors focus on relationships while coaches focus on tasks. For example, a coach might help you develop a skill like public speaking. Mentoring isn’t about a specific goal, but about overall professional guidance.

While mentoring is long-term, coaching is usually short-term.

Once you master the skill you’re interested in, you probably won’t continue to use a coach. Mentorships, on the other hand, involve building a trust-based relationship. You can lean on that relationship to improve your professional or personal life.

By working with a mentor, you can set yourself up for long-term success. A coach, on the other hand, is more focused on the here and now.

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How to Choose

Now that you know the difference between coaching and mentoring, you might want to know how to choose between them.

Coaching is ideal when you want to sharpen a specific skill. An employer might suggest a coach if you’re not meeting your job expectations. You can also turn to a coach if you need to learn a new system or process at work.

When looking between coaching and mentoring, coaching is ideal if you eventually want to take on a leadership role. You can learn from your mentor to become more successful in different areas. Working with a mentor can help you grow as an employee and as a person.

Mentoring can also help companies promote workplace diversity.

When choosing between coaching and mentoring, keep your short- and long-term goals in mind.

Discover Your Potential: Differentiating Between Mentoring vs Coaching

Want to develop your professional and personal potential? Now that you know the difference between mentoring vs coaching, you can! Make sure to consider your goals in mind before choosing between a coaching and mentoring program.

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