What is Taurine? What You Need To Know About Taurine and Your Dog’s Health

By admin / August 29, 2019

Taurine is an essential nutrient, but many dogs suffer from a natural taurine deficiency. The following article discusses how taurine affects the health of your dog, and how you can make sure your dog doesn’t suffer the medical consequences of low taurine levels.

If you have a dog whose energy and vitality have been slowly diminishing, taurine deficiency could be to blame. But what is taurine, and what does it do?

Taurine is a nutrient – an amino acid – that supports heart, brain, eye, and muscle function. While the majority of dogs can naturally synthesize taurine, certain dog breeds, and some with specific medical conditions, cannot, and require taurine supplementation for optimal health.

Unfortunately, the effects of taurine deficiency can be severe. Dogs who do not get sufficient taurine from their inability to produce it and the lack of it in their diet, will eventually suffer from related medical conditions, and experience the following symptoms:

  • Easily fatigued
  • Exhibits low energy
  • Pants easily even after minimal exercise
  • Coughing and wheezing

If your dog exhibits the above signs, their taurine deficiency may have resulted in dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), a serious condition that will require medical intervention.

Check with your veterinarian if your dog suffers from a condition that prevents the synthesis of taurine, so that a supplement may be prescribed, or a diet program implemented. Zignature taurine’s rich formulas use meats with high natural concentrations of the amino acid, giving your dog the necessary support they need to maintain appropriate taurine levels. This brand also offers excellent overall nutritional support, and can help your dog achieve optimum energy and overall wellness.

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