Scorpion Pest Control In Phoenix- How Scorpions Get Inside Your Home

By admin / August 29, 2019

For many people living in Phoenix, scorpions are a common problem faced by households. Scorpions are scary little insects that may pose no harm if left alone as they don’t hunt people. However, if they feel threatened, they will not shy away from flinging their deadly stingers towards you. All scorpions are venomous and finding yourself face-to-face with one can be dreadful, especially if your children come in direct contact with them. Scorpion venom is not deadly, but if immediate medical care is not provided, the individual might face severe health complications. Scorpion pest control phoenix can help you get rid of scorpions and other bug infestation from your home, office, or property.

Most people wonder how on earth scorpions get inside their homes. Well, there are plenty of reasons and ways for a scorpion to enter your house without you even knowing. However, the biggest concern is, how are you going to get rid of it since they pose a threat to your pets, children, and even you. The last thing you need is a scorpion infestation in your house or around your property.

How did scorpions enter my house?

You need to note that scorpions are arachnids, similar to spiders. Hence, they are smaller in size and boast several qualities and features that help them survive the wilderness. So, crawling into your home is not a big deal for them. They are thin, and their exoskeleton allows them to crawl up any wall and ceiling. A window with a broken screen high off the ground is enough for them to reach and get inside. Even if you have left the front door open for a few minutes, a scorpion can get inside without your realization.

They look for places that are warm, damp, and provide protection. Your backyard or garden is full of those places. Debris, wood chips, dried leaves on the ground, and other clutter provides the perfect hiding spot for scorpions. Moreover, dense bushes and the cluttered landscape may attract scorpions. Branches of the trees touching your house can help scorpions enter without you even knowing.

Inside your home, they find perfect hiding spots in sinks, cabinets, drawers, shoes, closets, and small unreachable corners. They enter your house looking for shelter from potential predators and inclement weather.

If you have scorpions inside your house, there can be a solid reason for that. Insects! Yes, scorpions eat insects. And if they are inside your home, it means there is a ready food supply. That is, your house may be struggling with other pest issues as well, which needs to be taken care of immediately.

How to get rid of scorpions?

There isn’t much you can do once scorpions are inside your house as they are perfect in hiding. This is the reason a trained professional pest company is the best way to deal with scorpions. If your house isn’t infested yet, you can do a lot to ensure that it remains that way.

· Seal up the holes in doors, windows, and the foundation of your house

· Get rid of the debris in the yard

· Perform pest control once every six months

Scorpion stings are extremely painful. Hence, you need to ensure that your pets or kids don’t come in direct contact with them.

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