What Are The Best Precious Metals To Use For Engagement Rings?

By admin / December 15, 2022

You and your partner have finally decided to make it official, and you are thinking about the engagement ring. Most couples choose bespoke solutions for such an important piece of jewellery; one very important aspect of a ring is the precious metal used to make the band and the setting. There are choices as you would expect, which we take a look at in this short article.


Of course, gold has long been the metal of choice for jewellery, ranging from pure 24k to 9k gold; 99.99% pure gold is rather malleable and outside of Asia, 24k gold is not normally used to make jewellery. The most common would be 18k, which is alloyed with copper or nickel, while gold comes in the following forms:

  • Yellow Gold – Gold in its natural form is very attractive and many women love the deep yellow glow that contrasts with their complexion.
  • White Gold – White gold is a popular choice as it matches with colourless diamonds, as you can often see in a custom made diamond engagement ring from Ringleaders. Reputable engagement ring designers can show you a range of white gold finishes that you could use on your engagement ring. When you commission a custom jeweller to create a diamond engagement ring, you get to choose every aspect of the ring, including the loose diamonds, the cut, the metal, and the setting.
  • Rose Gold – The colour comes from mixed alloys like copper, and the shade can be changed by adding specific elements when the gold is smelted. Of course, pink is a romantic colour and rose gold is as close as you can get.


The most popular metal choice for engagement rings, platinum is extremely hard and does not tarnish, making for the perfect choice. People do not tend to be allergic to platinum and the metal is easy to clean. Diamond stone settings and prongs are made from platinum because of its strength.


Not as common as platinum, palladium is tough and lighter than platinum, making it ideal for women who don’t like to wear heavy jewellery. A shiny silver finish, there is one downside to palladium; it is very difficult to resize.


Normally used for men’s wedding bands, tungsten is extremely hard and scratch-resistant. There’s no reason this metal can’t be used to make a diamond engagement ring. Simply talk to a leading custom jeweller and design the perfect engagement ring.


Light and extremely strong, titanium is attractive for several reasons; it retains its shiny surface and doesn’t really require any maintenance. Titanium makes for a perfect wedding band, which many men choose.

Of course, it all depends on personal taste as to which metal you choose; silver is not really suitable, as it is soft and scratches easily. One thing is for sure: you get to choose every detail of your diamond engagement ring when you decide to work with a leading bespoke jeweller, resulting in the perfect and one-of-a-kind ring that you can treasure forever.


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