Ohio Whitetail Hunt: Why Go With Ohio Guide Outfitters Or Other Pros

By admin / December 18, 2022

The whitetail deer is the only deer species that you can find in Ohio. Hunters tend to be proud of their accomplishments, and especially so if this deer was one of the trophies that they brought back from their trip. If you are also a hunting enthusiast, and if you are anywhere near Ohio, then you should definitely start planning a whitetail hunt. Read more about these deer here.

According to certain studies, the number of white-tailed deer in Ohio has increased significantly, meaning that you may have better luck coming across these animals when you organize your trip. Of course, you need to know the terrain perfectly, and you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve if you want to even be able to spot these animals. This is why using the guided hunting solution could be perfect for most people.

What Is Guided Hunting?

In case you don’t quite understand what guided hunting is, let me quickly explain that to you, before we proceed to talking about why you should work with Ohio Guide Outfitters (OGO) or similar professionals that can organize this trip for you. A guided hunting trip is basically a trip led by local hunters that are familiar with the topography and with the animals in a specific area. Using their services and their knowledge is especially important for people who are new to certain areas, or to hunting altogether, but even experienced individuals tend to enjoy their company.

Why Work With OGO Or Similar Pros & Go On Guided Hunting?

So, you now know what a guided hunt is, but that still hasn’t answered one important question for you. Simply put, you are wondering why you should work with, say, OGO, or those other professionals that can guide you on your white-tailed deer hunt. I understand if you are a bit confused about this and if you are not sure whether you really need these services or not.

That is why I have decided to help you out here and get you familiar with some of the reasons why working with OGO or some other experts might be the best move for you. Once you get familiar with those reasons, you will have a much easier time deciding if you want to hire these professionals or not. So, without any more ado, let us have a look at those reasons right away.

Guides Know The Best Locations

If you are not a local, you are highly unlikely to know the best hunting locations in Ohio. Even if you are a local, though, there is a great chance that you are not quite familiar with the best locations in which you can hunt for white-tailed deer. Since your goal is to bring this animal home, then there is no doubt that you will want to get acquainted with those perfect locations.

Sure, you can search for online tips when this is in question, but the truth is that there is no better way to find out about the perfect locations than by using the services of a guide. These people will know every single corner that you should go to when aiming at encountering white-tailed deer. They have spent a huge amount of time studying the locations, as well as visiting them, and their guidance will certainly increase your chances of finding these animals.

As Well As Tricks For Attracting White-Tailed Deer

Deer have a sensitive sense of smell. As a hunter, you may already know this. Yet, you may not be quite familiar with all the tricks that you can use in order to attract white-tailed deer. In fact, if you go alone and get no professional guidance at all, there is a good chance that the deer will spot you before you spot them, meaning that you’ll never be able to catch one of those animals. They are rather smart and know how to keep themselves safe.

If you are a beginner in this sport, here is something that could be helpful as well: https://stepoutside.org/article/how-to-hunt-whitetail-deer-a-beginners-guide/

On the other hand, OGO and other professional guides will basically know all the tricks in the book. So, if you really want to have any success at all, you should use their services and let them guide you through the whole hunting adventure. By working with them, your chances of bringing home a whitetail will definitely increase immensely. And, since that is your ultimate goal, I suppose you get how big of a benefit this really is.

Going Unsupervised Can Be Challenging

Going unsupervised can be quite challenging, especially if you don’t really know all the important locations. You may find yourself wandering in the woods and wasting your time, not really knowing where it is that you are going. Plus, you could even get lost if you have never hunted in Ohio before. This is another reason why going on guided hunts is a much better and a much safer option. Staying safe is extremely important, and the expertise of OGO and similar professionals will certainly contribute to your overall safety.

You’ll Have More Fun When Guided

Another reason why you may want to use the services of these professionals is because you will undeniably have much more fun when guided through the process than when roaming around the woods without really knowing what you are doing. The fact that you will have more success will contribute to the fun part. Additionally, though, the guides can be great company, and you’ll certainly find the adventure enjoyable if you decide to participate in a guided hunt (more info).

The Guided Process Will Include Other Great Activities

In order to make your hunting adventure even more enjoyable, these professionals have decided to add some more activities to the entire guided hunt process. Thus, you will get to enjoy making home-style meals for yourself, and you will get proper transportation and accommodation services. That is bound to also contribute to the entire experience and to make it much more pleasant and entertaining.


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