What Are Mala Beads and How to Use Them

By admin / July 18, 2018

What Are Mala Beads and How to Use Them

What are mala beads? And how do you use them properly in your meditation practice? Click here for a quick discussion about what mala beads are and how to use them so that you get the most benefit from wearing them.

Are you looking into the benefits of meditation? Or have you been meditating for a while and want to find a way to hone your skills of concentration?

Around 9.9 percent of adults use mind-body practices such as meditation. With the effects it can have on your health, it’s good to practice at least once a week. One way to take your meditation to the next level is by using mala beads.

What are mala beads? Keep reading for more about these bracelets and necklaces that help your reflections.

What are Mala Beads?

In Sanskrit, mala means “garland.” In ancient India, traditional mala beads were for prayer. They are most likely the original design of all prayer beads.

Most mala you find will have 108 beads in total. There are a few beliefs on why that number is significant. One of them is that 108 is what they call an “auspicious” number. Meaning, it’s a sacred number in Hinduism.

How Do You Use Mala Beads?

In our western world, mala’s have become something of a fashion statement. People add them to trendy yoga clothing and like the way they look. But not everyone thinks about the significance of these beads.

Prayer was the most popular use for mala beads. The belief is that “Japa mala,” prayer garland, provides a connection to the universe. Now, they are more often used as meditation devices; especially in mantra meditation. How does it work?

First, choose your mantra or intention. What is something you have a strong feeling about or need to remind yourself of often? Once you have your mantra, sit in a meditative position. Take your mala beads in the left hand and close your eyes. Touch each bead until you’ve reached made it all the way around.

Use your mala beads to keep focused on your mantra. Each bead equals a chant or inward repetition of the thing you want to focus on. The idea is that by using the beads, you are connecting with the universe to manifest your mantra. They are also great for staying focused on reflection.

How to Choose a Mala

Not all mala beads are the same, contrary to what you may think. Mala beads made of different materials have their own energy and meaning.

Mala beads come in different colors, and you should choose the color that speaks to you. If a particular color makes you feel peaceful or has meaning for you, then that’s the one for you.

Mala come in several types of materials. Wood, stones, and crystals are popular properties for mala beads and bracelets. They each have their own meaning and intention.

Learn more about Japa Mala beads and how to choose the right one for you.

More Meditation and Wellness

Do you meditate for mental wellness, or to reach enlightenment? Either way, you’ll find mala to be beneficial. When someone asks “what are mala beads,” you’ll have the answers they’re searching for.

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