What To Expect When Traveling To Africa

By admin / July 18, 2018

If you’re currently in the process of planning an epic trip to Africa and don’t know what to expect when your plane arrives in Africa, simply continue reading to discover what you can expect, when you touch down in Africa.

What to expect when traveling to Africa:

  1. Africa is a far safer continent than you’d expect

Africa is definitely a far safer continent to explore than you’d think. As an example, in recent years self-drive tours have become an increasingly popular way for visitors to Africa to explore the country or countries which they would like to explore. As an example, Uganda is a prime example of an African country which is safe to explore on a self-guided self-drive tour. If this is something that interests you, www.mojhi.com is great a site to plan and find fun adventures.

However, don’t be surprised if you see beggars on the streets, in certain parts of Africa or if scam artists try to convince you to exchange your money for local currency on a city street. Just be sure to keep your wits about you and you should have no problem staying safe during your African vacation!

  1. Africa offers a wide variety of accommodation options

Whether you have your heart set on glamping in comfort in a national park, staying an inexpensive hostel or treating yourself to a few nights in a luxurious resort which boasts stunning views and amenities such as pools and gyms, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to booking accommodation.

  1. Food is generally less expensive than it is in most western countries

It will take you several days to come to terms with the fact that you’ll be able to purchase a bottle of coke for less than one US dollar. So if you’ve budgeted several hundred dollars to cover your food expenses whilst you’re in Africa, you’ll be able to dine like a king, whilst still having plenty of money left over to spend on extra activities or souvenirs.

  1. Tipping is commonplace across Africa

While some parts of the world such as Australia and China, don’t have a tipping culture, the practice of tipping is widespread in Africa, so it’s well worth carrying small amounts of cash which you can use to tip your porters, drivers and safari guides.

  1. Expect your days to be long and hot but your evenings to be relatively cool

More tourists assume that most African countries are stifling hot. However, whilst you should take care to cover up during the day with sunhats and sunglasses, when the sun goes down you may be surprised by just how chilly it can become in a relatively short space of time! So it’s well worth packing a few pairs of jeans or trousers to wear when the sun goes down.

  1. Not everyone in Africa walks around in shorts or safari gear

In fact, it’s definitely well worth packing a smart outfit which you can wear out for dinner as many parts of Africa, especially Africa’s urban cities feature fine dining. Furthermore, if you enjoy shopping on vacation, you’ll also find endless marketplaces as well as western style malls where you’ll be able to find a wide variety of souvenirs such as clothing!

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you have a far better understanding of what you can expect when your flight lands in Africa!

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