Welcome to the Neighborhood! 5 Easy Ways to Meet People in a New City

By admin / July 20, 2020

About 3 million Americans move to a new state every year. While a change in scenery and activities is a nice change, it also means you’re likely leaving your family and entire social circle behind.

So when you’re venturing to a new area on your own, how do you rebuild that social circle, and with it, your sense of security in a new location? Here are the top ways to meet people in a new city.

Join Clubs and Groups

Look for clubs or groups to join. Sign up for a dance class or a book club. Join the recreational soccer league, or join the local church.

Joining existing clubs and groups is the best way to meet people in a new city because these groups are looking to meet new people, or socialize too.

So how do you find these groups? Always stop and read flyer boards around your town, and pick up the local newspaper for events. Check the library and town website for activities.

Or, actively look for anything you always sort of wanted to try, or something you miss from earlier years. Did you love drawing? Join a wine and painting group. Always wanted to try aerial yoga? Sign up for classes.

The possibilities are endless.

Be Consistent

Here’s the secret to meeting new people in a new city: you have to keep showing up. It’s possible to make new friends just by going to the same bookstore after work every day. Who else is there?

Before we make friends, we need to spend enough time around people to get a vibe on whether they’re going to be chill. We have to learn to recognize them. So keep showing up, and see who else is there too.

Be Friendly

If you want to make friends in a new city, be friendly. Chat with the person next to you in line, reach out to the shy person, tell someone you think their dress is beautiful.

Every stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet. So be friendly, and meet more people!

Go Online

There are several apps to make friends in a new city you can try, and there’s nothing wrong with giving them a shot! Try platforms like Bumble BFF, Meet My Dog, or Meet Up for different activities and people in your area.

The cool thing about online platforms is if you connect in these apps, the person you’re talking to is likely looking for new friends too.


When you want to get involved in your new community, there’s no better way than to volunteer. Find your passion, and sign up, show up, be friendly, and meet new people.

Learning to Meet People in a New City Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Citizens of other nations typically note it’s easy to spot an American because they’re very friendly, often friendly to a fault. So keep that in mind when you’re exploring your new city.

You can make a new friend anywhere you go, but you have to be in the right state of mind to do so. Go to places where people congregate, keep showing up, and be friendly. You’ll have a new social circle in no time.

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