Wax Liquidizer: Are They Really Worth Your THC Vape Juice

By admin / July 26, 2019

Vaping gives an entirely different experience from smoking flower or dry herbs. THC, when consumed alone, increase cannabis potency. You become high quickly and with a few puffs. Apparently, that is what most vapers love to experience.

Besides that, it comes with its fair share of benefits. One of them is its safety. Compared to smoking, it does not harm your lung. Remember that inhaled vape merely is liquid (the oil itself) that is heated to become tiny droplets of water. Hence, the reason it is a safe method.

If you want to enhance your vaping experience, you can do so by using wax liquidizers and terpenes. This article gives you enough evidence and reasons why many people prefer adding the two solutions in their THC vape juice.

Wax Liquidizer versus Terpenes? Which one should you choose?

You can also use both liquids to thicken and thin your vape oil consecutively. However, they may have the same abilities but different contents. Additionally, both provide your vape juice with a flavor depending on the fruit you would love.

You can find terpenes in every plant. They are organic compounds used to give the plant a protective nature of the scent that draws insects to it. Liquidizers are not compounds found in plants.

You can use wax liquidizer and terpenes at the same time

The good thing about terpene is that you can use it for your joints, dry herbs, or beverages. A wax liquidizer does not give you the freedom to do that.

You can use both liquids simultaneously. Once the final mix (which you will prepare using wax liquidizer) is ready, then you can add a small drop of terpenes. It will enhance the flavor and reduce throat hit by a huge margin.

Where can you use a wax liquidizer?

As mentioned above, wax liquidizers are the most suitable compound for turning wax, or any other THC concentrates into liquid.

Distillates or pre-filled cartridges, even though they are in liquid form, also depend on liquidizers. They will assist in thinning them. Thinning your THC vape juice is not about diluting it. Get that right. It is about getting the appropriate thickness that can help the vape pen burn the oil within the chamber without merely consuming all the battery charge in it.

The best wax liquidizers for you

You know, because of the many brands available in the market, it can be challenging to choose the best for yourself. Nonetheless, do not expect a standard answer for this because there is none. What you can do though is understand that a good wax liquidizer should never:

– Dilute your vape juice. It will decrease or increase the potency of THC, no. What it will do is enhance the flavor and thin it to an appropriate vaping degree.

– It should not separate the THC oil. Low-quality wax liquidizer should do that. If you notice the separation of the different components of the vape juice, then you brought a lousy liquidizer.

– The solution should not alter the color of the THC vape juice. If you notice any dullness, then there is something wrong with your vape juice, or you added expired and low-quality liquidizer

– Wax liquidizer should never expire. The best brands in the market will even stay for extended periods as long as you practice proper storage.

Which is the best wax to add?

THC concentrates come in a variety of forms. Solid forms are better known as wax while the liquid ones are distillates. Wax concentrates include hash, BHO, shatter, budder, sugar, and crumble. If you have any of those, all of them should work.

However, for your wax to function appropriately, three things are inevitable. One, you should store your wax in a cool and dark location. Most retailers use parchment papers. You should only open that paper if you want to use the wax immediately.

Secondly, make sure that the percentage of THC present in the concentrate is more than 80 percent. If it is less than that, even if you mix it with the best wax liquidizer or terpene diluent in the market, the high will be low even after multiple puffs.

Thirdly, and most important, is to know the appropriate mixing ratios. Getting them right needs time and practice. If you add more than what is needful, then you will dilute it. Moreover, you have to use the right heating methods. Overheating the final mix can cause colossal damage to your vape juice.


Both wax liquidizers and terpenes are worth it. They carry many benefits, and that can make your THC vape juice powerful and exciting.

Wax liquidizers and diluents are easy to purchase since they do not have any illegal compounds in them. Buying the right ones for your e-liquid should be your priority. Otherwise, you will destroy the quality of your wax, and I believe that is not what you want.

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