London: What you need to know before you travel there

By admin / July 26, 2019

When I hear about a well-known destination, I have a feeling that I know absolutely everything about it. Just like any popular tourist place, London is aware of most of the people traveling, and even if you haven’t gone there yet, you think you already know the city, don’t you? Well, considering that our brains can play tricks, here’s some important information to keep up with about the British capital.

To reach

London has five airports, but the two most popular are Heathrow Airport, the largest one with most international direct flights, and is located 24 kilometers from the city center; the other is the farther Gatwick Airport, 45 kilometers from the city center. Always try to get an idea of ​​the cost differences of tickets between one airport and another, as this variation can be very large depending on the origin of the flight.

To enter

Following terrorist attacks, the UK made some changes and the entry got more, say, selective. In addition, immigration agents will do their best to be convinced that you will not stay in the country to work illegally. On arrival at the airport you will be interviewed by an official. Usually the interview lasts a few minutes and you will be asked the basics: what are you doing in London, how long will you stay and where will you stay. However, we know people and we read many reports out there of those who had some trouble. Preventing is better than cure.

The tourist visa is valid for six months and it is not allowed to apply for an extension if you are there. Get your ticket back and the addresses from which you will be staying. If it is at the home of friends legally living in the country, there is a recommendation that the person write an invitation letter. There are several templates available on the Internet. Ah, other important information is to be able to prove that you have the necessary money to be paid during your stay in the country. It is suggested a daily value of £ 46 (pounds) or $ 70 dollars. Take a bank statement if you are the type of person who likes to be extra careful. And if you really do not want to have a headache, also take a statement from your employer, printed on letterhead. If you are a businessman or self-employed, have some document that proves the existence of your company, remembering that this document is not mandatory. If you plan to travel to London to study or work, I suggest going to the regulatory agency’s website and checking what the requirements are.

To exchange money

Yes, the British Pound is always expensive. Well, buying the coin is certainly not very cheap. I particularly, when traveling, try to think like a native and use the money I have in my hands as if I had earned it in local currency. I believe you suffer less if you think about your bill or your daily expenses. Change a small amount to keep in your pocket and for less when you arrive in London, and no, don’t change at the airport. By the way, do not exchange money at any airport unless there is a central bank agency in the country, where rates are the most balanced.

There are still a number of other things you need to know and based on my experience, accessing will be very helpful.


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